April 18, 2005

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Meta China post

There is so much going on involving China at the moment I've compiled a listing of some key posts:

1. The Huaxi riots.
2. The China/Japan tensions.
3. Wish you happy - China's environment and its consequences.
4. China's stresses, buildups and futures - Joe Katzman ponders scenarios and futures for China based on the current forces at work.
5. Publius Pundit also ponders China's future and the current containment game.
6. Belmont Club has a two parter: Big trouble in little China looks at China's military build-up and argues Taiwan may not be the objective. The followup says Taiwan is the secondary mission and keeping open China's access to energy is the primary one.
7. Dinocrat compares the US in the late 1920s and China today.
8. Daniel Starr says the threat of foreign war is just a tool of domestic Chinese politics.

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Japan Tries To Defuse China Crisis With Apology
Excerpt: In a sign of just how much Japan wants to short-circuit an increasingly nasty crisis with China, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's is repeating an apology for his country's World War II behavior that other Japanese Prime Ministers have given — o...
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