April 11, 2005

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SimTerror05: Indonesia offers aid to Australia


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President of Republic of Indonesia - Official Press Release

11th April, 2005. Immediate release.

Jakarta - President Simoni of Indonesia has called Prime Minister Brain of Australia over the Sydney rail and other bombings. The President expressed his condolences on behalf of all the people of Indonesia. With all the generosity and help Australia has offered Indonesia in recent times the President has pledged all and any assistance that may be needed. To that end he has offered the use of a small brigade of the Indonesian Armed Forces and a contingent of the Indonesian police force with experience from the recent tsunami to help in recovery efforts. He has asked the Ministry for Culture to organise as soon as is practical a fundraising concert with the best of Indonesia's entertainment industry. The thoughts and prayers of all Indonesians are with Australia at this time.

The President today also noted with concern the recent "brushes" with Malaysian naval ships in Indonesian territorial waters. The Foreign Minister has recalled Indonesia's Ambassador to Malaysia for consultations.

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