April 07, 2005

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Daily linklets 7th April

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posted by Simon on 04.07.05 at 03:42 PM in the Daily linklets category.


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John Holbo teaches philosophy at NUS!

How cool is that, to have a famous blogger so close to home? (he's a co-blogger on Crooked Timber)

I don't study at NUS myself, but I've got friends who were taught by him. Quite possibly the first person in Singapore to use blogs as a teaching tool.

posted by: Han on 04.08.05 at 05:24 AM [permalink]

zoneeuropa might like to know that if Bai Ling sues for libel or sues for that photograph series, he's liable too, for putting upt the photos again.

I can understand writing about defamatory acts and for discouraging hong kong's tattler media, but why the hell would he put the pictures up again?

to titilate? to encourage it?

mixed message!!!

posted by: k on 04.08.05 at 10:45 AM [permalink]

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