April 05, 2005

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Daily linklets 5th April

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posted by Simon on 04.05.05 at 10:49 AM in the Daily linklets category.


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China may have a plan to attack Taiwan.  Simon says they should get nukes from Israel because Beijing won't want to be radioactive in 2008.  Another Simon says it ain't happening.

I'm with the second one.  Bewa...

Weblog: The Unabrewer
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Why I Write about Stuff Across the Ocean
Excerpt: Readers that come in from Canadian blog links (notably Blogging Tories) would find here a very different blog than the standard fare. Namely, this is a blog that doesn't discuss much about Canada, the United States, or the “Western” world....
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I saw Ming Pao covering Okinotori for a while, and I'd never imagine that the Japanese photos would actually look less island-like than the ones in Ming Pao.

posted by: Kelvin on 04.05.05 at 07:15 PM [permalink]

I'm hoping in the decades to come, China will become more like Tiawan and the whole reunification thing will become a moot case as Tiawain asks to become a member state.

posted by: mdmhvonpa on 04.06.05 at 04:24 AM [permalink]

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