March 15, 2005

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Daily Linklets 15th March

This is a daily collection of links, some with commentary, to news stories and interesting blog posts. It will be updated throughout the day with a new timestamp for the updates.

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  • The New Blog Carnival is up at Multiple Mentality, where they're done a great job. Check it out.
  • The SCMP reports Zhang Enzhao, chairman of China Construction Bank, has been sacked and is being investigated for corruption. He was the head of one of the Big Four, a bank the received $22.5 billion in capital back in late 2003 to help prepare it for a stockmarket listing. No word on the state of the listing now.
  • First there was the Little Red Book. Now it's the Little Red Pencil (via SCMP).
  • (11:01) China e-Lobby do a great job with their daily China news roundups.
  • ESWN looks at group polarisation in the blogosphere, with contrasting examples from America and Hong Kong. His thoughts on HK's blogosphere are exactly right:
    At this time, all that exists in the political blogosphere of Hong Kong is a bunch of commentators (including the person who is typing these words) who are marginalized and have no meaningful impact on the flow of events.
    In time that will change, but there are significant differences between blogging in the US and in Asia. It's something I will soon look at in more detail.
  • (11:43) An example of the power of blogs in marketing. Shaky doesn't like the Motorola V3 RAZR; I respect Shaky's opinion on all things tech; ergo I won't be buying one even though I was considering it.
  • (16:41) Sean has a great article discussing geopolitics and diplomacy in the Pacific and East Asia. Bill Rice discusses the changing and deeper Japan/US military ties in the face of common threats.
  • (18:00) Joel looks at three key WW2 events of 60 years ago: the Tokyo and Dresden fire-bombings and the battle of Iwo Jima. Sean looks in much more detail at the Tokyo fire bombing.
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