March 10, 2005

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Daily linklets March 10th

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  • The BBC's "breakthrough" broadcast of the political show Question Time from Shanghai today has generated a lot of excitement. It will be widely watched everywhere, except in China where it naturally has been banned.
  • China is contemplating reform of its death penalty.
  • I am amazed there has not been more made of yesterday's report of Chinese spies working in Hong Kong to investigate leaking of Tung's resignation. Tom rightly finds the idea that Tung's resignation was a "State secret" ridiculous. The only person who doesn't know the "secret" is Legco President Rita Fan.
  • A nice site covering everything you wanted to know about the proposed Pearl River bridge.
  • (10:42) Hong Kong Disneyland already has over 10,000 hotel bookings. The SCMP reports Disney may even invite charity groups to be amongst the first to attend the park during its soft opening in August before the official opening in September. Could this be the answer the Poverty Commission has been searching for - renting out HK's masses? It could even prove a clever way to recoup some of the massive investment Government investment in Hong Kong Disneyland.
  • (12:54) Jim has finally had his talent recognised and had a story published online. Read it - it's a good one.
  • (13:14) Thankfully the anti-climax today reaches its peak (if such a thing can happen) and Tung Che-hwa will finally resign, allowing Donald Tsang to assume the caretaker Government role and carry on exactly as before. Never has so much fuss been made over so little change. The SCMP reports James Tien of the Liberals would prefer CFO Henry Tang in the job. A delightful prospect awaits Hong Kong: we get to watch "The Donald" and "The Henry" try and out-do each other in getting furthest up Beijing's posterior.
  • (15:13) Hemlock today:
    AN EMAIL from Hong Kong’s favourite corporate governance activist corrects me. Longhair, he points out, is not the only member of LegCo who can say “when I was in prison…” There is also the esteemed representative of our selfless stockbrokers, the Honourable Chim Pui Chung. This means one in 30 of our lawmakers has done time in the slammer. So much for the USA’s claim to have the world’s highest incarceration rate, with a measly one in 37.
  • (19:46) Bye-bye, Mr. Tung.
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Hmmm, I wonder if they will look at foreign courts and decide that executing criminals under 18 is not economical.

posted by: mdmhvonpa on 03.10.05 at 10:45 AM [permalink]

I want to know if Tung will be violating State Secrecy laws when he holds his press conference this afternoon?

posted by: Tom - Daai Tou Laam on 03.10.05 at 12:42 PM [permalink]

Hmmm, I wonder if they will look at foreign courts and decide that executing criminals under 18 is not economical.

China does not execute criminals under 18.

posted by: felt on 03.13.05 at 03:45 PM [permalink]

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