February 25, 2005

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Great moments in marketing

You've got a new breast enhancement cream, but they're a dime a dozen. How do you prove that yours is the real deal, avoid the regulators and make headlines? In Thailand, you hold a public demonstration and ride the resulting furour.

A promotion for breast enhancing cream that involved three models having a 15-minute mammary massage in public has caused a furore in Thailand, with family groups saying it violates traditional values and morality...Ying, one of the models, was embarrassed at having to bare herself in front of the cameras, but did believe her breasts had become firmer and the gap between them smaller as a result of the treatment.

St Herb [the cream maker] is likely to evade the wrath of regulators because the cream is "breast beautifying" rather than "breast enlarging" - a trick missed by makers of a "breast enlarging bra" now under scrutiny from the Thai Food and Drug Administration.

As they say, developing...

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Now that's a product demonstration I could get behind.

Hmmm...I wonder if they're training sales reps and how much it would cost me.

posted by: Jim on 02.25.05 at 08:35 PM [permalink]

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