February 23, 2005

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Performing pandas

A key part of the resurgence of China's panda population has been due to a successful breeding program. You'd think the life of a male giant panda would be great. Your job is to eat, sleep and produce sperm. A steady supply of bamboo, panda porn and Viagra are the only requirements.

Alas, that is not the case...

From the SCMP:Bear necessities: Workers lift 10-year-old giant panda Sisi onto a table as before trying to gather his sperm to refrigerate for artificial insemination in the future. However, yesterday's attempt at the Giant Panda Breeding Centre in Chengdu, Sichuan province, was not a success. Associated Press photo


Is it any wonder the procedure was not a success? The panda is being dragged by its ears, has ropes attached to each limb and has a crowd of media and handlers. While I know there are some humans that would find such a situation the perfect setting to produce sperm, I fear for normal pandas it is not the right setting. They've only given Sisi a wooden table on which to perform his stuff and the only enticement I can see are the cutesy logos on the handlers' jackets.

It's enough to make a panda crave extinction.

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In these situations they should at least provide a poster of a chick posing over a Corvette or something...

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