February 17, 2005

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Asia by Blog

Asia by Blog is a twice weekly feature providing links to Asian blogs and their views on the news in this fascinating region. Previous editions can be found here.

This edition contains a new blog from restricted Nepal, the aftermath of NK's nuke announcement, the Chinese Last Supper, the EU arms embargo on China, a Hello Kitty stress meter, the new Communi$t Party plus much more...

The round-up has four key areas of focus:

China, Taiwan and Hong Kong

Korea and Japan

SE and Other Asia

  • Radio Free Nepal - a new blog with this intro:King Gyandendra of Nepal has issued a ban on independent news broadcasts and has threatened to punish newspapers for reports that run counter to the official monarchist line. Given that any person in Nepal publishing reports critical of "the spirit of the royal proclamation" is subject to punishment and/or imprisonment, contributors to this blog will publish their reports from Nepal anonymously. (via Joel, Rconversations and Buzz Machine)
  • Monogolia has adopted a second official language: English.
  • The Wall St Journal is wrong on Pakistan's President.
  • Cowboy Caleb has an amusing interview with Mr. Brown.
  • Salman Rushdie - democracy is not a tea party.
  • Bali's land politics.


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