February 16, 2005

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Hong Kong's Disneyland hotels

With much fanfare Disney announced their two hotels for the HK Disneyland site are open for bookings. Bargain rates are on offer, thanks partly to Disney's itself. Peter Lowe, general manager of hotel operations, said:

The hotels will offer a tremendous return for the city.
But that's not the case at all. HK's Government has invested literally billions in Disneyland. As a taxpayer I eagerly await my dividend cheque from these hotels' profits. Or at least a free stay. They look, ummmm, interesting. The Resort and the Hollywood Resort.

I'll take the cheque, thanks. It's the least we can expect from a multi-billion dollar Government subsidy investment.

posted by Simon on 02.16.05 at 11:49 AM in the Hong Kong Disneyland category.


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simon, i don't know about you. i promise that i will be one of the first people to go there to visit the place when it opens up, and i will devastate them in my review. that is a promise.f i just have to get my taxpayer's money worth. p.s. i am well-prepared for the task as i have read up on the inside dope on disney.

posted by: eswn on 02.16.05 at 11:23 PM [permalink]

i ought to give an example. what does the guy in the mickey mouse suit do when he needs to go to the bathroom? in orlando, he'll just have to take a leak inside his suit, according to that famous book. so when i go to there, i'll sidle up and sniff for the smell of piss!

posted by: eswn on 02.16.05 at 11:29 PM [permalink]

I'm a father of three young kids. Of course I'll go. It will feel like throwing good money after bad.

What I would really like to do is interview some of the employees after it has opened. That would be interesting.

Bear in mind when it opens in September only a couple of rides will be ready - the full thing won't be open until mid 2006.

posted by: Simon on 02.17.05 at 08:52 AM [permalink]

For the pitiful taxes you do pay in HK, you really shouldn't be complaining. maybe when more than half your salary goes on various taxes you can get a little more indignant....

posted by: paul on 02.17.05 at 10:27 AM [permalink]

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