February 14, 2005

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Taking the Mickey

Excitement is building as the opening of HK Disneyland approaches. The latest example in HK's history of non-collusive public boondoogles is due to open in September. The SCMP, grateful for a press release to pad it out, covers the exciting design and opening of the fire station at Disneyland:

How do you design a fire and police station that is functional yet part of the Disney fantasy? Hong Kong government architects hope they have found the answer - paint it green and keep it low key..."We [the Government architects] went to Orlando's Disneyland during vacation to look at theirs [fire station]. Things are very different there but they still made us understand what standards the theme park is looking for," he said.

Total construction cost is around $16 million, about 15 per cent more than a conventional one.

Tough job. Just add that cost to the bill. The station has been open for a year already. But they haven't been able to put out their first fire. Will RIFA become the first local Disney character?

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