February 01, 2005

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Asia by Blog

Asia by Blog is a twice weekly feature providing links to Asian blogs and their views on the news in this fascinating region. Previous editions can be found here.

This edition contains parallels between modern Iraq and 1912 China, parallels between kamikaze and suicide bombers, the world's not quite free-est economy, Zhao Ziyang's funeral, Korea's troops in Iraq, Bill Gates and Reds, a WEF cover for a Sino-EU arms deal, North Korea falling apart, Gmail being censored, an almost smoke-free Bhutan, Chinese journalism students discussing Zhao Yan and the perfect Valentine gifts, plus much more...

The round-up has four key areas of focus:

China, Taiwan and Hong Kong

Korea and Japan

SE and Other Asia


posted by Simon on 02.01.05 at 05:04 PM in the Asia by blog category.


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Asia By Blog
Excerpt: The latest Asia By Blog is now up. Go check it out...it looks quite interesting today. Well, it always does. But I haven't had time yet to read any articles to point out any specific ones yet. Yet....
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Dear Simon,

Thanks for the links and kind words for WOW. Some of these students are bravely hanging their butts out in the open knowing full well that there could be consequences. There is some real courage on display; for that reason alone they deserve to be read.

Again, thanks a million.

All the best,


posted by: Joseph Bosco on 02.03.05 at 12:50 PM [permalink]

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