January 26, 2005

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Australia Day

Today is Australia Day, a celebration of a great nation. Australian of the Year Dr. Fiona Wood said in her mercifully short speech:

The realisation that we can all choose to make a difference to others remote and in need is growing as the Australian Spirit shines through. I am proud to be an Australian and will work towards a society dependent on the integrity of each and everyone of us - because every drop in the ocean does make a difference.
Or, to put it another way, try this.

Jingoism is often confused for patriotism. But Australia and Australians have so much to be proud of. So to show you care, I insist you do the honourable thing. The first Australian you meet today, you buy them a beer. It doesn't matter what time of day.

Update: It's also India Republic Day. Nitin insists you buy an Indian a beer too. As for Indian Australians, I guess it's their lucky day.

I've done my bit - I just cleared Starbucks of their supply of lamingtons.

Everything about the flag and the image are from here.


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I did'nt know that ! Today is India's Republic Day...I guess you could extend that offer of beer to an Indian too.

posted by: Nitin on 01.26.05 at 04:31 PM [permalink]

Happy Australia Day!

I'll have to tour the office and see if we have any Aussies here.

posted by: Jim on 01.26.05 at 09:17 PM [permalink]

Happy Australia Day, Simon!

posted by: RP on 01.26.05 at 09:37 PM [permalink]

I went for swim on the beach, ate fish and chips and drank beer. Happy Australia Day!

posted by: Fabian on 01.27.05 at 09:40 AM [permalink]

I don't know any Aussies but I guess I could listen to a little Colin Hay :D

posted by: Johnlouis Swaine on 01.27.05 at 09:50 AM [permalink]

Happy Australia Day, from a proud citizen!

posted by: Robert Warriwarri on 01.29.05 at 10:52 AM [permalink]

This great nation? I'm not sure how I feel about being Australian anymore. It's like Leyton Hewitt. We're winning, but I can't take any pride in the player.

posted by: Pete on 01.29.05 at 09:44 PM [permalink]

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