January 20, 2005

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Come see it all

Hong Kong bills itself as "Asia's World City". To prove it, the Government went as far as to build the world's first publicly owned Disneyland. And the Government's love affair with property developers is well known. But now it's time to put up or shut up. Is Hong Kong really the cosmopolitan, global city it purports to be? Is it a place where business can be done, no matter what it takes?

A group have proposed to open HK's and Asia's first official nudist colony. The development would include houses fronting on to the nudist beach, thus combining HK's love of property and tourism with another bow in the quiver that Singapore will never have. But even if the project is approved, one question remains?

Will Tung Che-hwa open the development and what (if anything) will he wear?

posted by Simon on 01.20.05 at 09:24 AM in the Hong Kong Disneyland category.


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I'm struggling with how estate agents can market the houses. Is it a room with a view? And if so, is it a view of what saggy bits you'll have in 30 years? What you'd look like if you went on the McDonald's diet? What you'd look like if you actually got your arse moving on a treadmill?

It just seems like a lose-lose sitch to me, but maybe I need to wake my inner voyeur up.

posted by: Helen on 01.20.05 at 03:41 PM [permalink]

Errrr, ok. Wonder if the nudist colony will have day-trips to Disneyland.

posted by: mdmhvonpa on 01.21.05 at 03:37 AM [permalink]

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