January 05, 2005

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Smoke on the water

Today's SCMP headline: HK leads the world in tsunami relief. As Shaky notes, it isn't a competition. The headline is also misleading. The chart below also shows the contributions per capita by Governments as well as by private donors. HK's people lead the way; the Government is, by contrast, stingy beyond belief. Compared to the other rich countries listed, HK's Government is at least half of the others. Hong Kong's fiscal reserves were HK$311 billion (US$40 billion) in March 2003. To date the Government has donated HK$30 million. Pathetic.

Hong Kong also kept top spot in the Heritage Foundation's economic freedom index. Quick trivia check: which Government bought huge quantities of shares on its own stock exchange in 1998?


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HK waste no time in rearing it's ugly head. If Hong Konger somehow identified with smcp's headline, then you're a bunch of churlish foible self-absorbed snubs. Why not print that side-by-side with your highest per capita ROLLS-ROYCE ownership in the world proclamation. You're hopeless.

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