January 04, 2005

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Running these Asian Blog Awards has been an interesting experience, to say the least. This post combines several announcements:

1. Voting concludes tonight HK time in the Asia Blog Awards. No-one was forewarned of the extension in voting and I don't believe it favours anyone.
2. I am extremely dissapointed to have learned of nominees being harassed. Inevitably awards bring out competitive instincts. But the idea of these awards is to promote Asian blogs. The blog affected requested to be removed from the awards. However I was out of email contact and unable to do that. I will leave the nomination up given the voting is about to shut but I am very sorry this episode sullied an otherwise trouble-free awards. Update: Mia has also been abused. WTF, people?
3. I hope to reply to individual emails from those interested in the awards today.
4. Results should be up by the end of the week. Once they are up I'll start listing all nominees and other blog for each category - please wait until the results are up before making suggestions.
5. I've received many emails asking why Gongkapas wasn't amongst the finalists in the Malaysia section. The simple answer is I made a mistake. There were some severe time constraints in getting these awards up and running and I apologise for overlooking what is obviously a popular site.
6. It seems Gweilo Diaries has shuffled off this mortal coil. At the time of nominations its status was uncertain so I included it. Here's hoping Conrad returns soon.

Asian blogging is coming under renewed focus due to the tsunami disaster. There is some great work being done and I hope to talk more about it soon. Yan has suggested some kind of combined Asian blogger fundraising effort; perhaps through a gathering, or some other way. It's a great idea. Once I get the awards and results finalised this will be my next project.

Finally the Asia by Blog series will restart shortly.

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Good luck! I like the blog.

posted by: muckdog on 01.04.05 at 02:50 PM [permalink]

Good work, Simon-you've put a lot of effort into running this and I think you did a lovely job. Too bad some serious losers had to go and try to destroy other bloggers in order to get "their" blog to win.

To those who hate some of the blogs nominated, I think their simple advice should be: See that red "X" at the top right hand corner of the internet explorer window? Click it. Works wonders.

posted by: Helen on 01.04.05 at 09:59 PM [permalink]

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