December 10, 2004

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Pixels are mightier than the pen

I've doubted the influence blogs can really have...until now.

Yesterday I pointed out the scandalous proposed HK$10 million investment by the LegCo Commission in the Link REIT. Today in the SCMP:

The Legco Commission yesterday dropped its plan to invest up to $10 million in the controversial Link real estate investment trust, but denied the proposal had involved a conflict of interest...

On Wednesday, commission members unanimously supported the plan, but yesterday they rejected it 5-4. Mrs Fan played down the about-face, saying the issue was "a small family matter" which should not be politicised. "It [would have been] a very small investment from our operation fund and is a family matter for Legco. If people don't feel comfortable with it, then we might as well not invest in the scheme," she said.

If you ever worried about the nature of LegCo, calling this a "small family matter" will confirm your worst fears.

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