November 29, 2004

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Something you don't expect to hear on an aeroplane

A brief visit to the lucky country saw me strategically crammed into the very last row of Cathay Pacific's overnight flight from Sydney to HK last night. Somewhere over the ocean the pilot came over the intercom: "Ladies and gentlemen, I am very sorry about this but despite our best efforts we are going to land about 45 minutes early." And sure enough we landed at HKIA at 4:15am, exactly 45 minutes before our scheduled arrival time.

There's not much open at the airport at the time of day. Not much at all.

As an aside there's absolutely nothing better than Sydney in the summertime. It's heartening to see that skimpy bikinis and cleavage are "in", so to speak.

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Like we say, the 'lucky country'.

posted by: Fabian on 11.30.04 at 06:41 AM [permalink]

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