October 27, 2004

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Japanese hostage in Iraq

As usual Rusty has the details; a Japanese national is being held hostage in Iraq, threatened with beheading unless Japan withdraws troops from Iraq. Apparently the hostage is a "drifter" who hasn't spoken to his family in months. His family didn't even know he was in Iraq. The kidnapping is part of these terrorists strategy to test each country's resolve in Iraq.

Thankfully Japan's Prime Minister Koizumi has categorically stated his forces will not withdraw from Iraq. Japan has already successfully faced down these kidnappers once, when in April 3 aid workers and 2 journalists were taken but released unharmed. Those hostages faced a torrent of abuse when they returned to Japan for putting themselves in harm way. The same fate awaits this young man if, and I pray he does, returns to Japan unharmed. These terrorists have picked the wrong country to try and force a withdrawal. A quick perusal of modern history shows Japan does not easily surrender.

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