October 15, 2004

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Turning the tables

For once China has found itself at the mercy of Hong Kong, rather than vice versa.

It all started when China lost 0-1 to Kuwait in the World Cup Asian group qualifying match. That now means China needs to win its next match by two goals more than Kuwait's score against Malaysia. And who is China playing in its final match? The Big Lychee's best.

It took all of a day for a Chinese newspaper, the Oriental Sport Daily, to suggest the Chinese Football Association ring their Hong Kong associates and ask them to "do their patriotic duty", and throw the match. To his credit, China's coach Arie Hann, dismissed the idea immediately. Nevertheless the paper eloquently rapped its plea in rhetoric:

"When the cat asks the mouse not to eat him, then this is a real football revolution. What he (CFA vice-president Yan) must do is use that thick magnetic voice of his to recite to his beloved Hong Kong compatriots the saying that 'blood is thicker than water'. Of course he must shed tears in order to show them how moved he is. (translation via SCMP)
Now you know why China scares the sh!t out of Hong Kongers. Hong Kong needs to grab this opportunity and trash their Chinese opponents on November 17. And what better time to play that video, to really get the patriotic fevour going.

This continues soccer's tradition of stupidity.

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When's the match? This one I'd like to see (maybe find a bar with it on) or at least follow it in the paper the next day.

posted by: RP on 10.16.04 at 04:36 AM [permalink]

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