October 14, 2004

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Leung Long Hair joke of the day

If only someone could point Leung Kwok-hung, newest member of HK's Legco and wearer of the indy world's logo of choice, a Che Guevara t-shirt, to this fascinating bit of history from Che's life. It seems like such an apt metaphor.

posted by Simon on 10.14.04 at 12:09 PM in the


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It was good to see Long Hair taking the moral high ground yesterday by telling those obnoxious school kids in the LegCo spectators' gallery to shut up. And they did!

posted by: fumier on 10.14.04 at 12:15 PM [permalink]

If only he was capable of understanding irony. The SCMP photo is priceless - the kids laughing at him and all; it's only missing some v-signs!

posted by: Simon on 10.14.04 at 12:17 PM [permalink]

I saw that more as the Chinese habit of laughing to cover up embarrassment. But, hey, let's give these kids the vote in a couple of years anyway.

posted by: fumier on 10.14.04 at 12:26 PM [permalink]

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