October 14, 2004

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Hong Kong, China and Taiwan

  • Hong Kongers are both smarter and more patriotic than TV gives them credit for. ESWN looks at the issue of anthems and sums up: If this national anthem thing bothers you, you just hold it against them and don't let them get the satisfaction. Just remember who these people are and make sure they don't get what they want. Ever.

  • Is Chen Shui-bien Taiwan's Nixon?

  • The Chinese are actually Jewish.

  • Dan Washburn's latest installment of his excellent travel series is online. When will he get the book deal he so clearly deserves?

  • The Chinese Peasants Study has really made it now: it's being used in a computer virus.

  • The always-thoughtful Andres has set-off an interesting debate in the comments to Adam's post on a book by Ethan Gutmann about the American expat community in China. Gutmann responds to Adam's thoughts in the comments as well. But back to Andres' question: do China bloggers suffer from a sort of schizophrenia? After the first few comments the thread falls foul of an ongoing unrelated dispute between two other bloggers. The new thread has begun here Dave has some interesting thoughts worth reading through on the topic as well. This is a good discussion China bloggers need to have.

  • China's adding pounds.

  • First Reuters announces it is targeting Chinese consumers; next day the head of Reuters is visiting Xinhua. Fons is on to Xinhua.

  • China's children are going crazy and Jodi's worried.
  • Korea and Japan

  • South Korea has laid claim to a chunk of Chinese territory but didn't want anyone to know, so they buried it in a Parliamentary report, which a newspaper then exposed. Oops. On the same topic Tom Plate says China should waive its territorial claims in the Koguryo controversy for its own sake and that it is not yet time to lift the arms embargo..

  • Counting years and history making Geishas.

  • Read what Korea can learn from Japan's mistakes in Iraq, by someone who's been there. And with Korean troops in Iraq, a look at Islamic Koreans.

  • Defector Jenkins is back at work, in uniform, claiming his pay and with his North Korean raised family living on a US army base.

  • North Korea's Kim Il-sung missed a great potential sideline: health tips.

  • Oprah, you wouldn't like Koreans when they're angry.

  • There a major trade dispute brewing between Korea and Japan...

  • Even Stalinists don't like North Korea.

  • Joshua says diplomacy isn't working and its time for another approach for dealing with North Korea.
  • SE and Other Asia

  • The Bali was two years ago: Rajan points to this Mark Steyn piece and has his own thoughts; The Swanker also reflects on what happened and what it means: There can be no dialogue with terrorists. Unconditional surrender should be the only peace terms we seek.

  • India has new angle on tourism: the medical kind.

  • Conrad has excerpts from the five part Asia Times series on the Philippines. And he has a plan.

  • It is not a happy time for the glitterati in Singapore. Some of them could be hanging around...

  • Singapore's Temasek Holdings, the Government company that controls most of Singapore's major businesses, has opened its books.

  • FriskoDude's SE Asia round-up includes foreplay, the Cambodian abdication, drugs, prostitutes and a yeti. Go read.

  • The Argus covers the Afghan elections in both words and pictures.
  • Miscellany

  • Did the USSR collapse because of Western powers or because senior officials lost faith in socialism?

  • Andy's getting married.

  • Did you know that Kim Jong-il blogs?
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