September 30, 2004

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Now on with the show...

Hong Kong, China and Taiwan

  • Google responds to the China news censorship story, although many, including Fons and Andres, are unconvinced.

  • There may be more to the case of arrested NYT researcher Zhao Yan than just the breaking of the Jiang resignation story. The IHT is saying China should release NYT researcher Zhao Yan as a sign of Hu Jintao's new reign. However Hu's rule will not be a massive shift from the old regime, but rather an extremely "subtle" change.

  • Meet John Kamm, someone you should know about.

  • Not all Ferrari drivers were winners at the Shanghai Grand Prix.

  • Phil looks at the Taiwan/China arms race and predicts a winner.

  • China's displacing Mexico.

  • Tung Che-hwa works on his Three Stooges act.

  • The idea of beggar-free zones has been rightly junked.

  • Even paint can be a victim of sensitive Chinese/Japanese relations.

  • China's navy is making inroads into South Asia. And elsewhere China takes its first steps in international peacekeeping and humanitarian operations.

  • Adam continues to lead the discussion on the Living in China e-zine and new ideas for China blogging.

  • Amongst others, Disney, McDonalds and Coke are staking their business models on China.

  • Taiwan's Foreign Minister slags off plus the response from Mr Brown and Satay look at the lost in translation stakes. Itsnot fair.

  • All of China is about to take a week off from tomorrow for the National Day holidays. But all is not as it seems.

  • China is re-opening the Koguryo controversy.
  • Korea and Japan

  • The US Senate passed the North Korea Human Rights Act this week, although there has been very little coverage of it in the mainstream press. The full text of the act is available via here. Marmot looks at the responses in Korea.

  • GI Korea has an interesting trip down history lane recounting the American campaign of 1871 in Korea. Or for the Japan history buffs try the Battle of Mikatagahara.

  • North Korea officially declares they have nukes. As a deterrent, of course. Also should the South call the North's bluff? (via Kirk).

  • A memo to North Koreans: if you're going to invade an embassy, don't make it a Canadian one.

  • In order for Japan to get its permanent seat on the UN Security Council, China has helpfully laid out the barriers it sees, which Chinese Suburbia has helpfully scored.

  • Even ex-Kamikaze pilots don't like being compared to suicide bombers. Gordon has no sympathy for them.

  • At least one tourist got out of North Korea to visit Beijing.

  • Joe looks at the new Japanese Cabinet.

  • They've got some odd houses and neighbours in Japan.

  • Sean looks at the massive task of reforming Japan's Postal Service (even if it doesn't interest voters much), which is actually the world's largest financial institution amongst other things. As he points out, the Government should heed the lessons of California's energy crisis and learn the difference between privatisation and deregulation.
  • SE & other Asia

  • Brad DeLong eloquently fisks a stupid article pleading for a boycott of products made by Indian labour; as Richard points out you could easily substitute China for India.

  • Conrad reports on the trial in Malaysia of alleged maid-beater Yim Pek Ha and her reverse insanity defence. More reports on the case at ALN.

  • India can teach the US a thing or two about voting.

  • A look at minorities in Laos.

  • It's not strictly Asia, but Jodi has the details and thoughts on the rape trials starting on Pitcairn Island.

  • Macam-macam concludes his look at the evens of 30th September, 1965, in Indonesia.

  • Mr Brown takes us through Singapore National Education part 101 - he's learning a lot about the place.
  • Miscellany

  • Glow in the dark condoms, where the condom isn't the only thing that provides protection.

  • Singles men, you might consider Kemukus mountain for your next holiday.

  • As Joel points out, only in Asia can "Nazi fashion" be ever considered a good idea.

  • Now here is a real resource for ESL teachers in Asia.

  • Starbucks strikes again, but this time as a force for good.

  • We're edging closer to the time to panic about bird flu..but funnily enough there doesn't seem to be much, yet.
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