September 27, 2004

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Hong Kong, China and Taiwan

  • Richard and Adam have some constructive criticisms of the Living in China e-zine & aggregator; read both sets of comments too. Update: Phil responds.

  • Dan and Pieter have thoughts on China joining the G7.

  • There's been much made of Google's "censorship" in China. Tom has looked at this previously, and he now has further analysis which is sceptical of many of the claims made. Fons also has a realistic look at the issue while Andrea takes issue with Google. Fons also says the Chinese filters are leading to capacity problems and slowing the net in China.

  • One hell of a dinner party in Hong Kong.

  • There are times not to act like a tourist in Taiwan.

  • Buddhist or mouth-piece? Or perhaps a different kind of reincarnation?

  • Adam looks at China's environment czar and reformist hope, Pan Yue.

  • This ain't your song.

  • ESWN on the Great Leap Forward, sinking rice fields and lying statistics.

  • China's history starts far earlier than you thought.

  • It's Mid-Autumn festival and that means mooncakes - good, bad and ugly.

  • A look and plea on Japan-China relations and Andrea at the lingering emotions in China towards Japan.

  • Glimmers of hope in Ya'an?

  • Jeremy looks at the heavyweight blogging battle of China.

  • Generational changes are in store for many of China's companies.
  • Korea and Japan

  • The Marmot identifies one of North Korea's potential weapon suppliers.

  • Opening up and acceptance are a two way street for South Korea.

  • Jodi wonders about North Korea's amazing ability to generate gymnastics.

  • One in 20 Japanese girls have had forced sex. And if you're going to be a pervert, it helps not to publicise it on the net.

  • Interesting look at 6 possible alternative futures for North Korea and thoughts on North Korea's threat and leadership.

  • South Korea's troops are fully deployed in Iraq, and some other Koreans are there too; but the deployment is turning Koreans into vampires...

  • A good look at what's holding Japan back and what can be done about it. Also a look at the shifting balance in Japan-US relations.

  • Joe invokes Japan's 11th Commandment.

  • Kevin says Koreans are the anti-Scots.

  • Arnie's due to visit Japan again and Lee wonders if he'll have time for moonlighting?
  • SE Asia

  • Macam-Macam's series on the events of September 30, 1965 in Indonesia continues.

  • Conrad reports on Indonesia's efforts to drive away foreign investment.

  • A little too late, Mega comes good, even despite the business as usual conditions. Jarkartass sizes up the fallout from the election.

  • Sleeping with the enemy can get you fired in the Philippines.

  • Cambodian ethnicity and its Cham minority.

  • Miscellany

  • When you've finished touring Asia, try touring the world by blogs.

  • Michael Schumacher's a pussy.

  • There is such a thing as a free lunch, for wannabe bloggers at least. Make hay out of Adri's passing.

  • "It's not everyday you get the chance to encounter somebody who is both literally and figuratively fashion roadkill.

  • Jeff has an important product for men's hygiene.
  • NOTE: I'm toying with the idea of setting up an email notification list for when AbB is updated. Please let me know if you'd be interested in such notifications.

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    hot for teacher!
    Excerpt: When asked why he translated and posted about this article, Adamu pointed out: I guess I'm including it because Americans like reading about perverted Japanese. Well, don't they? Hell, Japanese people like reading about perverted Japanese. I'll admit t...
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    the subtle art of rhetoric
    Excerpt: practiced by bitter Japanese political rivals: Former Liberal Democratic Party Secretary General Hiromu Nonaka on Saturday attacked Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's plan to choose his party's leadership and new cabinet members based whether the...
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    Living in China - A Response
    Excerpt: The knives are out again for Living in China. Initial criticisms are levelled by Brainysmurf and taken up by Peking Duck. Also alluded to by Simon World's Asia by Blog and Danwei. My response as posted in the comments sections of the first two are repr...
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    Go see Simon at Fragrant Harbor
    Excerpt: For all the news fit to blog in Asia....
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    Asian Blog Roundup

    Simon has a roundup of stories on Asia, including entries on China, Taiwan, the Phillipines, Japan, Thailand, North and South Korea, and more.

    So muc...

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    Simon World
    Excerpt: Asia by blog...
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    Simon's E. Asia Overview & PRC News: Sep 28/04
    Excerpt: It's time to have a look at East Asia and what's been making the news in Asian blogs over the past month. We cover China (in depth), as well as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore et. al).
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    Tracked: September 28, 2004 04:05 PM


    Buddhist is spelled wrong.

    posted by: matt on 09.27.04 at 07:00 PM [permalink]

    Fixed thanks Matt. I blame Bill Gate's secret Mormonism.

    posted by: Simon on 09.27.04 at 07:06 PM [permalink]


    I'm using Mozilla Firebird and I see everything in bold after the Update. You may have forgotten to close a tag.

    posted by: Nitin on 09.27.04 at 07:55 PM [permalink]

    My goodness I'm having a shocker today. Tag is now closed, thanks Nitin.

    posted by: Simon on 09.27.04 at 08:33 PM [permalink]

    Just wanted to make you aware of The White Peril, a blog written by an American living in Japan. Pretty good stuff, although I can't say I always agree with him.

    posted by: susannac on 09.28.04 at 12:10 AM [permalink]

    I've got White Peril listed already; not everything makes every edition.

    posted by: Simon on 09.28.04 at 10:46 AM [permalink]

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