September 24, 2004

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In times past when I was working in Australia I had the great pleasure to work with two fellow aficionados of the game Rock Paper Scissors. This ancient game (I believe it started with the cavemen) dictated much of our day. At random times a game would start with a pre-arranged number of face-offs (somewhere between 7 and 15 was the norm). The stakes were often high. Who would buy lunch? Who would go to a particularly boring meeting? The normal massive decisions of the working day. Sometimes it would be played for the joy of the game itself. Yes, we were purists.

So today's report on the formalisation of the sport is a step forward. The official organisation and website are up and running. There's the world championships coming up this weekend, which unbelievably is NOT being shown on local TV. I would like to officially start the push for the sport to join the greatest show on Earth: the Olympics. The beauty is it is one sport where drug testing is completely unnecessary. Indeed drugs are likely a hinderance to the sport.

Beijing, here comes RPS. Lads, I'll see you on the podium. I'll be the guy you're looking up to.

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scissors, paper, STONE!
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It's Scissors Paper Stone !!

posted by: shaky on 09.24.04 at 12:32 PM [permalink]

Actually, its paper scissors stone.

posted by: shandyman on 09.24.04 at 05:01 PM [permalink]

It is, was and always will be ROCK!!!! Looking the official website, FFS.

posted by: Simon on 09.24.04 at 05:04 PM [permalink]

the chinese literal translation goes like this: rock, scissors, cloth. don't ask me how the hell the cloth bit came into the picture. probably something was lost in translation.

it is scissors paper S-T-O-N-E! GRRR... why is it 'em north americans have to spoil it all!

posted by: the letter b on 09.24.04 at 11:18 PM [permalink]

good to see the rest of the world is finally catching up...used to hear it referred to as just "rocks and scissors"...obviously that was a little limiting

posted by: cp on 09.28.04 at 09:27 PM [permalink]

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