September 17, 2004

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Weekend prayer

Dear God, may CBS and Dan Rather finally give up on this memo farce so we can return to regular (pyjama) blogging (sans Rather) and get on with our lives.

Please. The horse is dead. And there are far more important things going on.

posted by Simon on 09.17.04 at 03:36 PM in the


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Amen. A-meeeeeeeeen. Please, I can't even stand the acronym CBS anymore. Can't someone arse someone off on someone's blog? Please? Like a mud-slinging thing or something, so we can go back to our regularly scheduled blogging? Please?

posted by: Helen on 09.17.04 at 04:13 PM [permalink]

The horse is not dead until accountability is reached. CBS is counting on simply being to outlast your patience, and while I am COMPLETELY SICK of this story, your sentiment still gets on my nerves a bit.

Also remember the idea that this may go much deeper than CBS. And then it will certainly get very interesting again.

And the subversion of our media to influence a presidential campaign IS important.

posted by: Bill from INDC on 09.17.04 at 07:45 PM [permalink]


I think you've done a fantastic job on exposing CBS and following through. I also agree that until they admit their mistake and are held accountable for their fraud this story should be pursued...BUT not at the expense of all the other important issues facing the world at the moment. Like my final two links to Volokh point out, there's an election rapidly approaching with scant debate on the key issues of where either candidate intends to take the USA in the next four years. Iraq continues, the Jakarta attack on the Australian embassy happened, the Iranians are moving closer to going nuclear, North Korean negotiations are a mess and so on.

Additionally for many in the blogosphere and wider community is (and has been, thanks to your work and others) obvious that these memos are forgeries. CBS and Rather have been discredited. Their actions since have only discredited themselves further. The pressure should be maintained, as should the rage. BUT the world hasn't stopped while this goes on.

The story is important in exposing media bias and has potentially further to go if the fraud goes further than it now appears. BUT the story has blown out proportion, partly because it was the blogosphere that broke the story. The idea that the media is being subverted to influence a presidential campaign is nothing new, it's just that this time it has been caught out in a particularly blatant example. The kudos has been appropriate, and it has been a big coup, and it is progress for blogging. I admire your doggedness and originality in pursuing the story. But as you have just said, you are "COMPLETELY SICK of this story" too. So I wonder why my sentiment gets on your nerves when it appears we agree?

It's time to get some perspective and to start talking about the other important issues again, too. That's my point. Chasing this story to the end is vital, but not to the exclusion of all else. There's too many other important things going on.

posted by: Simon on 09.17.04 at 08:03 PM [permalink]

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