September 13, 2004

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Asia by blog

The posts that matter by Asian blogs...

Hong Kong, Taiwan and China

  • HK's elections are done: full results at ESWN. Looking at the results are Pieter who sees this campaign's dirty tricks as a sign of maturing democracy; Phil who looks at the disappointing Democrat Party results (much as he predicted) and the ballot box stuff-up and says if its a choice between conspiracy and stupidity, well you know which wins. Chris has some interesting ideas on the apathy concerning this election and that the current system is of London's design, not Beijing's. Andrea says China will clamp down on HK regardless of the result.

  • ESWN also discusses the subtexts that outsiders might have missed.

  • Pollution is killing China and its people.

  • What's causing China's migrant labour shortage and a look at the history of the problem.

  • Who's looking after China's cultural heritage?

  • My Mum should never complain again.

  • Adam's keeping score in the leadup to China's biggest every heavyweight bout, although Jiang's not out yet.

  • Danwei fact-checks China Reconstructs Today.

  • Joseph is also questioning misplaced priorities in news (in a similar vein see the end of this post).

  • Joi Ito meets the China blog block. But a P2P solution may be at hand.

  • Who wants a foreign teacher?

  • The world's biggest city is coming to the Pearl River Delta...

  • Dan Washburn's now in Inner Mongolia and his amazing journey (and journal) continues.

  • Big changes are coming to the world of industry and especially textiles; Single Planet is arguing against the end of tariffs, although I completely disagree. Judge for yourself.
  • Korea and Japan

  • What the hell blew up in North Korea last week? Marmot has an extensive post with plenty of links and details; it wasn't nuclear, says James. Jodi's got more as does FY and RiK. Kimchee GI asks why the US is withholding data from South Korea on this? Kevin suggests: China wanted Hong Kong pretty badly, maybe we can talk them into annexing North Korea - by force.

  • FY talks about the North Korean 100,000 strong special operations force.

  • Charles Jenkins goes into custody.
  • SE Asia

  • I've covered the Jakarta bombings "The War", "Responses and Reactions" and finally "More on Jakarta". I strongly recommend you read the comments and follow the trackbacks to those posts for more. ESWN has photos. Myrick says even Indonesia's intelligence chief thinks its laws are too weak. Jodi and The Swanker look at the question of why - both are must reads.

  • Jodi takes on Gloria Arroyo.

  • Slowly freedom is coming to one of Singapore's most oppressed groups: home brewers.

  • September 11 is a doubly unfortunate anniversary for the Philippines.
  • Miscellany

  • Malaysia could have had the world's number one golfer.
  • UPDATE: Welcome Insta-readers. Please feel free to have a look around...who knows, you might even come back one day!

    posted by Simon on 09.13.04 at 02:11 PM in the Asia by blog category.


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    Asia by Blog - 15/9/04
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    You know, I have been thinking about this Simon. You start with:

    The posts that matter by Asian blogs...

    But it is not - it is, according to your new rules, the people who link to back to this site and I think that is not quite right. Whether you link to a story is an editorial decision you make, and people trust and respect you for that and read you because they like your decisions.

    By placing the you link to me and I will link to you caveat this excellent round up risks becoming a link swapping lovefest in the eyes of some readers.

    I am the recipient of three track backs on this (thank you) but I want that to be because I wrote something considered by you to be of interest, not because I remembered to return the track back in a one liner post every time you do a new round up.

    Forgive me for speaking my mind.

    posted by: Phil on 09.13.04 at 08:16 PM [permalink]

    Actually I most certainly am not "arguing against the end of tariffs"!
    My post merely highlights an issue that is going to have a massive impact on many developing countries. My final paragraph summed it up on an even keel, with "I sense that a real crisis is about to unfold in many Asian, African and Caribbean countries. It is also not China's fault. China did not create...the global trade system." (A bit paraphrased from the original!)

    As you decide!

    Cheers, Mark

    posted by: Mark on 09.13.04 at 08:57 PM [permalink]


    It's interesting you bring that up. I was worried about it becoming solely a link-fest rather than what I found interesting. I actually had intended to drop it as of last week but I must have used an old template and that final line was still there. The linkage thing was only meant ot be a one-off rather than an ongoing part of the series. But thank you for pointing it out - as of the next one it will be gone.

    Mark - fair enough. I must admit I wasn't quite sure how to present it but I thought I had detected a tone that suggested you were against dropping tariffs. If I'm mistaken then I apologise; that's why I had the "you decide" in there.

    posted by: Simon on 09.13.04 at 10:22 PM [permalink]

    Might have been a sniff of a tone there. Just a sniff.
    The issue is really about the West loving free trade when thinking of exports, but then demonizing countries who reverse the flow.
    And it is about the West not really caring very much when free trade slaughters the innocents.
    - Mark

    posted by: Mark on 09.14.04 at 12:30 AM [permalink]

    If I may say so has several briefings dedicated to various parts of Asia and is worth looking at. I am contributor so I am of course biased though :-)

    posted by: robi on 09.14.04 at 02:49 AM [permalink]

    Oh I don't know, I think Simon is fairly discriminating about his linking. He certainly doesn't link to me every week, even though I link to him even less (but then Simon doesn't write about Indonesia very often).

    posted by: Fabian on 09.14.04 at 08:28 AM [permalink]

    Robi - I've now done two Winds of Change briefings on East Asia and the's a combination of the best of these regular posts.

    posted by: Simon on 09.14.04 at 12:50 PM [permalink]

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