September 09, 2004

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Hong Kong, Taiwan and China

  • Andres presents an incredible must-read on the life of China's prostitutes. It is a real shame he doesn't write more often.

  • The power play between Jiang Zemin and Hu Jiantao looks like it is reaching a conclusion...with the help of Photoshop. Hemlock (on Wednesday) thinks HK's finest prefer the devil they know while Adam looks at what's at stake.

  • Minerva plays the Taiwan name game.

  • Phil ponders the questions of Chinese and Western culture.

  • Mao's cheer-squad is alive and well but on the other hand there's always reality.

  • Tom looks at the other kind of green involved in HK's elections.

  • ESWN shows you the quickest way to get arrested in China, even if it's not in the right language.

  • In the misplaced vitriol department, China is calling for Westerners' blood.

  • Adam looks at the mess the Beijing Olympics organisers are making but misses the subtly of the "Olympics in Hong Kong" push - it's another part of China's charm offensive for HK prior to this weekend's elections. By Monday the idea will be dead and buried.

  • Forget about the West interfering in Asia; look at China's interference in the West.

  • China's police returns serve in Legco candidate's Alex Ho hooker case and ESWN says the Democrats made all the mistakes.

  • Someone for all Chinese bloggers to be wary of.

  • With China getting ready for the 2008 Olympics, Stephen looks at the likely losers in the run up to the event. Ironically for the IOC their attempt to force improvement China's human rights record looks likely to backfire.

  • Everything you need to know about snake hotpot.

  • Matthew says Chinese might actually be easier to learn to read than English and fewer native Chinese speakers suffer dyslexia compared to alphabet based languages.

  • Running Dog looks at village family planning blackboards and spoilt oinks in China's great social engineering experiment with its population. The end of the one-child policy approaches.

  • Korea and Japan

  • In Japan they have pandas online.

  • There are reports an ethnic Korean was involved in the Beslan massacre.

  • North Korea's tallest (windowless) hotel is also its emptiest (via Conrad and Country Store). Friskodude also has more.

  • They need volunteers?

  • Jodi remains at odds with South Korea's appeasement policy to the North.

  • Believe it or not, Korea actually imports kimchee.

  • Gord's doing his bit for Korean noise pollution.

  • Just what North Korea needs: lawyers.

  • Now you can enjoy the finest of North Korea in the comfort of your American home.

  • George Bush did not mention Korea in his list of countries supporting the US in Korea. FY suggests perhaps Korea didn't want to be mentioned and at the realities of Korean and Asia's security.

  • GI Korea wonders why South Korea keeps getting surprised by the obvious.

  • It's not cheap getting married anywhere, but especially Korea.

  • "How long will Korea remain China's bitch."
  • SE Asia

  • Myrick has another example of Singapore using courts to do political dirty work and Hicky looks at the Nelson Mandela angle. Mr. Brown reflects on the difference between Singapore's new leadership's words and deeds.

  • More on the Anwar release. Rajan says justice was done, but that doesn't mean that the Malaysian judiciary is now independent nor that Anwar is a saint.

  • Via Mr Brown comes Xiaxue's amusing rant about Singapore's small pool of models, although perhaps it's because Singapore's a city-state of only 4 million.
  • Miscellany

  • All that glitters is not Kitty, and Kitty is not to be trifled with.
  • Onboard lovin', Thai style.

  • Men from Mars, women from Venus, and now tomatoes from Uranus.

  • Somehow cocktail doesn't seem appropriate.

  • Thanks Kevin for an indispensable list.
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    posted by Simon on 09.09.04 at 04:40 PM in the Asia by blog category.


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    Simon Says
    Excerpt: Simon has again done his excellent round up of events in and around Asia. Saves me doing any work. Back to that thread on Ice Red (ooh, that rhymes).
    Weblog: Flying Chair
    Tracked: September 9, 2004 03:50 PM

    When east meets westerner
    Excerpt: I have been getting a lot of links from Simon, even listed under "Featured Asian Blogs". Yes, yes, my friends, I'm featured by a resident Hong Kong gweilo :-). So I thought - why not link to him t...
    Weblog: Rajan Rishyakaran
    Tracked: September 9, 2004 09:15 PM

    Quote of the Day
    Excerpt: "It is a certain fact that not all Muslims are terrorists, but it is equally certain, and exceptionally painful, that almost all terrorists are Muslims." -- Abdel Rahman al-Rashed, the general manager Al Arabiya I have been in and out of Bus...
    Weblog: The Asia Pages
    Tracked: September 9, 2004 09:50 PM

    The Peril and Agony of Free Speech
    Excerpt: Simon World showed itself more willing than Bosco partisans to expose readers to the dangers of my views, and my post there persists.
    Weblog: Uriel Wittenberg
    Tracked: September 11, 2004 06:29 AM

    Asia by Blog - 13/9/04
    Excerpt: Cross posted at The very latest from the very finest of Asian blogging... China Andres presents an incredible must-read on the life of China's prostitutes. It is a real shame he doesn't write more often.The p...
    Weblog: Living in China
    Tracked: September 13, 2004 06:56 PM

    Hypocrisy at Berkeley Journalism School's "China Digital News"
    Excerpt: When reference to the matter appeared on Simon World, a popular China blog over which Bosco has no control, I posted a new comment. Bosco never responded. Bosco has fled from accountability for his charges. He or his friends have censored discussion in...
    Weblog: Uriel Wittenberg
    Tracked: October 2, 2004 04:23 AM

    China Bloggers: Truth Above All ... but Community First
    Excerpt: I take pleasure in recognizing a couple of honorable violators of Clause 17A -- China bloggers who have demonstrated a willingness to expose their readers to non-conforming information, thus allowing the prospect of open debate together with all the un...
    Weblog: Uriel Wittenberg
    Tracked: October 6, 2004 04:08 AM


    As always, another excellent round up. Thanks, Simon!

    posted by: RP on 09.09.04 at 09:02 PM [permalink]

    Ellen Sander vigorously denies her husband Joe Bosco's involvement in deleting the discussion of my China story ( ) on Peking Duck:

    I know this not to be the case! After several e-mail exchanges about Wittenberg and his web site, Richard asked Joseph if he should take Wittenberg's comment down. Joseph told Richard to make the call himself and do whatever he thought best. Richard took it all down. That's the whole story.

    But it's not quite the whole story. Sander studiously avoids any reference to Peking Duck proprietor Richard's own words, quoted in the story she denounces (she provides no link, but it's at ): "Joseph convinced me that debate on this point would not be productive and could cause unnecessary harm."

    But the question of whether the discussion was deleted at Bosco's or Burger's initiative is a minor point. Sander also entirely neglects the primary offense against free speech principles here: the foul-mouthed attacks that she, Bosco and Burger have waged in their quest to discredit the scrupulously true and honest report I have written of my China observations.

    Emulating her husband, Sander speaks of my disgruntlement, my defamations, my ineptness, my culpability, my contempt, my lengthy documented rant, my fulminating online rant, my revolting diatribe and my slander. But nowhere have she or Bosco questioned the accuracy of even one specific item from the mountain of detailed observations I present to readers.

    Bosco's comments have made clear that his relations to the school authorities, his access to Communist Party officials, his regular appearances on Chinese TV, are near and dear to his heart. The man is conflicted. And the slanders are self-evidently his. That he does not even pretend to justify his slanders is a measure of his brazenness. His siding with corrupt and secretive Chinese officialdom against a Westerner who has been thoroughly open is a betrayal not only of fundamental American principles. It also betrays idealistic Chinese students and others who somehow admire the U.S. and its people as embodying the spirit of open debate.

    posted by: Uriel on 09.10.04 at 08:02 AM [permalink]

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