September 06, 2004

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Asia by Blog

Today's edition of Asian blogging's best:

Hong Kong, Taiwan and China

  • Myrick says here today, gone tomorrow, or why is it Communists like Photoshop so much?

  • Western cultural imperialism is helping China earn more. I'm just not sure that this is a "cost of globalisation".

  • Chalk up a win for the Hu camp at the top of the CCP, says Adam. Is the balance of power shifting towards Hu and away from Jiang Zemin?

  • Tom has more on China's other Great Wall, although mentioning it inevitably causes trouble.

  • Ancient martial arts and the world's oldest profession meet on the streets of modern HK.

  • "Stepping stones get stepped a lot": Phil on HK's pathetic and unnecessary coat-tailing.

  • A trip to the toilet that ended up taking 2 weeks, via Jodi.

  • The always excellent ALN has a comprehensive summary of all labour-related news from China in August.

  • Did you know China's stockmarket has crashed? Seems like it might be time to buy again.

  • The latest in SARS protection.

  • Jodi talks about table tennis's potential influence on this weekend's HK elections.

  • ACB takes a detailed look at Sino-US relations over the past year.

  • Stephen looks at China's warning to its Uighur population.

  • Tequila is for wimps; China has alcohol with real bite.

  • The dos and don'ts of corporate speaking in Asia.
  • Korea and Japan

  • Korea caught processing uranium...except it's the South, not the North.

  • For some North Koreans, gaining asylum is the easy part. They can't even call home.

  • Gord says in Korea even foreign drug users are discriminated against, but in this case it's hard to feel sympathy for them.

  • South Korean lawmakers are now claiming Chinese territory, even though there's the small matter of North Korea (with its traditions in prostitution), history, a treaty and the PLA in the way.

  • Kevin has the latest Korean trends.

  • George Bush's acceptance speech had one major omission and a pretty flimsy excuse. Oranckay suspects the invitation to Crawford is in the mail.
  • SE Asia

  • Rajan has comprehensive coverage of the release of Anwar and its aftermath.

  • It's good to be the President.

  • Singapore's censorship policies are doing there job. Under threat of libel the Economist caves in and Myrick reflects on this and his own self-imposed censorship. Singabloodypore rejoices in the "new" Singapore.

  • "Too slow. Too smart. Too stupid. Too sexy. Too smelly."

  • FriskoDude is not a fan of Thailand's The Nation website. His regular SE Asian roundup is a must.

  • Miscellany

  • Jodi sees the upside in China's gender imbalance.

  • The fashion roadkill series continues with commentary by the victim.

  • Mr Brown looks at the judging of the judges of Singapore Idol.
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    Asia by blog
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    Asia by Blog - 6/9/04
    Excerpt: Cross posted at Simon World. Today's edition of Asian blogging's best: China Myrick says here today, gone tomorrow, or why is it Communists like Photoshop so much?Western cultural imperialism is helping China earn more. I'm just not sure that this is a...
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    If This Doesn't Work...
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    Asia by Blog
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    Phil's site not working...

    posted by: Giles on 09.06.04 at 09:43 PM [permalink]

    simon i\'m sorry. i completly forgot how to trackback! i\'m gonna re-learn and do it right by the end of the night. i\'m just a little fazed by a 14 hour work day. sorry!

    posted by: jodi on 09.06.04 at 09:56 PM [permalink]

    Phil's site will be working soon. Phil is very upset with a certain hosting company at the moment

    posted by: Phil on 09.06.04 at 09:57 PM [permalink]

    i don\'t know what i\'m doing wrong. i\'m doing this all through a proxy as the ban which i thought was over when i lived in seoul has come back to haunt me here in busan...sorry simon! you are linked to my site although i guess i messed up with the trackback. i guess it\'s time to open the window...:)

    posted by: jodi on 09.06.04 at 10:04 PM [permalink]

    You should try Liquidweb as recommended by myself, Shaky and BWG.

    posted by: Giles on 09.07.04 at 01:57 AM [permalink]

    when do you read all these sites? surely there aren't enough hours in the day?

    posted by: Giles (the other one) on 09.07.04 at 12:00 PM [permalink]

    poker me up

    posted by: poker me up on 12.31.04 at 04:46 AM [permalink]

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