September 02, 2004

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I'm going to make an offer. If you send a trackback ping to this Asia by Blog series, I will look to include a relevant post of yours in the following edition. I'm also going to cut back on the number of links in each edition to prevent this from getting too big; there is so much good blogging going on that it becomes a matter of quality rather than quantity.

So now looking around the far reaches of Asian blogging...

Hong Kong, Taiwan and China

  • A look at the struggle at the top of the CCP, via Richard. Adam has another article on the rivals at the top and information on China's internet blocking policies. Richard also points out some observations by Matt Yglesias on meeting some Falun Gong protesters in New York. Perhaps co-incidentally there's also the pointer from Richard to the Two Americas China's.

  • ESWN and CDN have a helpful guide to what keywords are banned in China. Fons says the list shows the futility of China's censorship efforts.

  • I'd like to thank God the CCP for this gold medal...although it's a shame the reporting hasn't caught up.

  • Sometimes discrimination isn't discrimination.

  • Shares or coal-mining?

  • Tom caught some preparations for the Hungry Ghosts Festival.

  • ESWN looks at the striking differences and omissions in one HK LegCo candidate's material. He also looks at the farce in Shanghai.

  • Is China destined to be superpower or collapse? Check the comments for more discussion.

  • Cultural Imperialism in China, Dutch version.

  • Shanghai still has a lot to learn from HK, says Phil.

  • Sex in China is the West's fault. Apparently it didn't happen in the world's most populous country before the West got involved.

  • Mothers and babies are all well.

  • To be rich might be glorious but it's also stressful.

  • Same name, different food.

  • China invented the PDA.
  • Korea and Japan

  • Just when you think North Korea cannot get any stranger, they go and prove you wrong. They are changing from the DPRK to Hempland.

  • Via Oranckay comes this interview with Charles Jenkins.
  • Golf madness gone mad in Korea.

  • Antti hits the press.

  • Via Budaechigae comes this review of an article on Kim Jong Il's leadership traits. Also via the Kimchee GI is this unflattering look at South Korea's National Security Law.

  • Dear Kim Jong Il, the city of Pueblo would like their boat back.

  • Andrew looks at the Chinese diaspora in Africa.

  • Pirates in China. Not the eye-patch kind, either.
  • SE Asia

  • Bali bombers aren't in prison; they're in Starbucks. Or maybe window-shopping.

  • Via Myrick I found Singabloodypore and his take on an article about Singapore's underclass.

  • A new bureaucrat won't help Singapore's population problem. Or better yet: Get people to shag without condoms or you'll lose your job.

  • Mr Brown and Phil talk about the price of blogging fame and "the William Hung of Blogging."

  • In the Philippines, they don't adopt kids, they adopt grandparents.

  • Friskodude's SE Asia News roundup continues.

  • Jakartass writes on the defence of orangutans.

  • Rajan looks at Malaysian PM Abdullah's speech on Independence Day and wonders about Malaysian patriotism.
  • Miscellany

  • It ain't easy being a chimp.

  • Spider-Man's going global and local.

  • Not all Singaporeans are square.

  • Ralph Jennings has the Guide for Mock Suicides.

  • One more time, repeat after me: offshoring is not evil.

  • In the very best tradition of numbered lists, 88 ways to know you're Chinese.
  • UPDATE: Giles has asked how about trackbacks. I refer you to point 6. But to explain - a trackback is a way of telling someone you've linked to their post in your own post. In this case, you might post something saying "Simon's newest Asia by Blog is up" with a link to this post. If you are using MT or Wordpress the software works out how to send the trackback itself. If you are on Blogger, you can use the manual trackback pinger. Where it asks for the Trackback URL, you can find that by clicking on the Permalink on my original post and going to the bottom section titled "Trackbacks:" or alternatively click on the "Trackback" part next to the Permalink and Speak Up buttons on the original post. Cut and paste the TrackBack URL and make sure you include the permalink to your post as well, plus an excerpt and title of your post. If you've done it properly when you come back here you'll see a little line at the bottom of this post saying "XYZ linked with Blah Blah Blah." I've now added the manual trackback pinger to the Trackback section of the posted by line and to the Trackbacks section of the Permalink.

    Stay tuned next week for what that on/off key does.

    posted by Simon on 09.02.04 at 04:11 PM in the Asia by blog category.


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    what's a trackback?

    what's a ping?

    how do i send either?

    why should i send either?

    posted by: giles on 09.02.04 at 06:01 PM [permalink]

    No links from South Asia?

    posted by: Niraj on 09.03.04 at 02:04 AM [permalink]

    I've not stopped by in a while and I dropped by only to have my breath taken away.

    You're site is beautiful! Aside from your wonderful banner I like the triptych asian-themed screen sidebars.

    As for the Bali-bomber going out for coffee with one of the ministers, that's not surprising. Trials that are postponed, go on forever and investigations that die a slow painful death before charges are dropped are more the norm than the exception.

    Lets look at the Estrada's and the Marcos' in the Philippines as 2 great examples. At least the acquitted Bali bomber has not run for office...yet!

    Speaking of the Philippines, it is also common there to have many sets of Godparents and lots and lots of Tito's/Tita's or aunty's and uncles. So many people are called aunty and uncle that I in fact thought, when I first arrived, that everyone was related to everybody else.

    posted by: Michele on 09.03.04 at 03:14 AM [permalink]

    I'd add in South Asia if I could find a time machine. If someone wants to do the same for South Asia I'd gladly link it.

    Michele - thanks for dropping by again. I know exactly what you mean about everyone being auntie or uncle.

    posted by: Simon on 09.03.04 at 12:21 PM [permalink]

    Hey nice banner, very shmick.

    posted by: Fabian on 09.03.04 at 03:35 PM [permalink]

    "Send a trackback ping" - I haven't the faintest idea what that means.

    posted by: fumier on 09.04.04 at 01:55 PM [permalink]

    The manual trackback site seems to be down. This one is working though.

    posted by: myrick on 09.05.04 at 01:30 PM [permalink]

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