August 30, 2004

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Hong Kong, Taiwan and China

  • Andrea from T-Salon has posted on the story on the Free Culture Chinese translation project. It's an amazing story of collaborative effort by Chinese bloggers and could be the first of many such projects to come. She hopes more people in the world can understand the kind of positive changes that the Chinese are trying to bring in China. So do I. And lest you think the CCP aren't taking blogging seriously, read this.

  • Ju Hingtao will not go home, says the Ruck.

  • Life at the China Daily by an Aussie insider.

  • "Super size" me: the law moves slowly when it comes to Hong Kong's favourite thing.

  • BWG notes the canny marketing of moon-cakes and supply creating its own demand.

  • Phil fisks Tung. It's like shooting a fish in a barrel.

  • ESWN has the details of the second article attacking China's Central Propaganda Department.

  • Richard asks if China can help save a piece of American culture?

  • Hong Kong's media may be engaging in self-censorship, or perhaps they've decided they are finally interesting in decent programming? It's effectively Government owned TV anyway.

  • Even top members of China's Government cannot agree on the quantum of unpaid farmer-workers' wages.

  • Some people can make a killing in China.

  • China's soft power is growing and Peking Dork says it signals the end of any chance of Taiwan independence. Dan Drezner looks at China's growing influence as a regional power; thinking about one small aspect of the US's current approach to China it seems the US isn't sure whether to treat China as a threat or opportunity.

  • Cracking down on pirated copyright has lead to an example being made of a US citizen, says Fons, and it is the price of crossing a sometimes murky line.

  • With the end of the Athens Olympics, the focus switches to Beijing and it is already having an impact.

  • China's found a hot new foreign investment prospect.
  • Korea and Japan

  • Japanese consumers are talking to China.

  • North Korea is going green.

  • Just how prepared is South Korea to take on the North on its own?

  • Japan's workers are getting sicker.

  • Marmot finds a case where China's censorship of net sites can be considered a blessing.

  • FY says sometimes you need to think carefully about your honeymoon destination.

  • Korea is slowly introducing jury trials.
  • SE Asia

  • Myrick says Indonesia isn't taking the threat of terror in the Straits of Malacca seriously.

  • In the Philippines, the pork barrel is well stocked.

  • Even Indonesia suffers from outsourcing.

  • East Timor gets lucky.

  • Friskodude's latest SE Asia roundup is up. He also questions Singapore's new-found freedom of speech.

  • Macam-Macam says it is reformists vs status quo in Indonesia. Rajan also looks at the newest alliance.

  • Dan Drezner looks at Filippinos who want to go back to Iraq.
  • Miscellany

  • RP gives a brief history of the Ghurkhas of Nepal.

  • Nike is under attack by Al-jazeera.

  • Asia is running out of water.

  • Spirit Fingers sees the white.
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    Marmot finds a case where China's censorship of net sites can be considered a blessing.

    Well, being an employee of one of Beijing's victim websites, I'm not sure if that's exactly what I was trying to say.

    posted by: The Marmot on 08.30.04 at 04:21 PM [permalink]

    The tongue is in the I'm not sure China is a huge market for your paper.

    posted by: Simon on 08.30.04 at 04:25 PM [permalink]

    I love the new layout, Simon! The banner is such a winner!

    posted by: Sassy on 08.30.04 at 07:21 PM [permalink]

    Thanks for the link, but you do know it's possible to trackback my blog right?

    posted by: Rajan R on 09.01.04 at 08:55 PM [permalink]

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