August 25, 2004

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Open invitation

It is common custom to celebrate the arrival of a baby with the ancient "headwetting" ceremony. This could dove-tail nicely with a get-together of some of Hong Kong's finest devotees and practicioners of the art (it's certainly not a science) of blogging.

When: Wednesday, 1st Sept.
Where: Start at Stormy Weather in Lan Kwai Fong
Time: Whenever I can get there. Probably about 7:30pm

I will shout the first drink to celebrate. This even includes Dr. George Adams. In order to take advantage of this offer, you must identify yourself to me using the secret password: "Rhinoceroses mating." The more the merrier so please pass the word along.

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Hi Simon,

I'm back and catching up.

No comments? Does that mean no-one is going to turn up on Wednesday? Apart from George, of course...

posted by: Chris on 08.31.04 at 01:43 PM [permalink]

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