August 21, 2004

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At precisely 3pm Hong Kong time today, Saturday, 21st August, 2004, a healthy baby boy joined our ever-growing clan. Weighing in at 3.875 kg (8 pounds 8 ounces in the old scale) and 51 cm long, he was called "generously proportioned" by some and "a whopping great big boy" by others. Mother and son are doing well. The sisters have met their newest attention-sapper and have approved. Daddy is still trying to work out how something so small can cost so much.

A fuller account will emerge in the coming days, including the most fascinating part of the entire affair: the hair-do on the nurse who admitted us. I have never, ever, in my life seen a mullet quite like it.

In the extended entry you can feast your eyes on the newest member of the team: BL.

That's one small step for man, and a hell of a lot of ink on my feet.


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YAY!!! Congrats on the new arrival. Expect more late night posting now as you will no doubt be kept up for the next 12 months! Well done Simon and Mrs. Simon...

posted by: Rob on 08.21.04 at 11:37 PM [permalink]

Many many congratulations to all three of you!

posted by: Phil on 08.21.04 at 11:46 PM [permalink]

well done that man!

congratulations to you and to the wife (although, you probably did bugger-all, but the wife went like a trooper!)

so when's the head wetting?

posted by: henry on 08.22.04 at 12:49 AM [permalink]

Such WONDERFUL news! Many congrats to the newly-expanded family!

posted by: robyn on 08.22.04 at 01:24 AM [permalink]

And only today at my friends' baby shower, my girlfriend smiled and said how, having recently seen IVF couples in the hospital where she's working, she thinks anyone who can have a baby is blessed. So you are, as well!


posted by: gordsellar on 08.22.04 at 01:24 AM [permalink]

Congratulations! And a word of caution. Everything yo learned about babies and toddlers from raising girls does not apply.

as for the head wetting question above. It will be your head and it will happen within the first couple of weeks of diaper changes!!!

posted by: Stephen Macklin on 08.22.04 at 01:27 AM [permalink]

My heartfelt congratulations!

posted by: RP on 08.22.04 at 02:33 AM [permalink]

Congratulations, Simon!

posted by: richard on 08.22.04 at 02:34 AM [permalink]

Congratulations!!! Great footprints there. When do we get to see the rest of him?

posted by: Linda on 08.22.04 at 04:07 AM [permalink]

That's awesome! Ten toes is certainly a good sign!
Take care of that little guy, I can't wait to read "BL's world" when he becomes internet-savy.

posted by: Andrew on 08.22.04 at 04:41 AM [permalink]

Congratulations! Were I there I would offer you a cigar (though, as a traditionalist, I think it would be more appropriate for you to offer me one.)

posted by: myrick on 08.22.04 at 06:34 AM [permalink]


Just wait until they're old enough to start blogging for themselves.

posted by: Tom -Daai Tou Laam on 08.22.04 at 09:50 AM [permalink]

Congratulations, Simon.

posted by: Stephen Frost on 08.22.04 at 10:42 AM [permalink]

Super news Simon! Congratulations and all the best in the coming months (I know two kids is exponentially more difficult than one, so I have no idea how much extra work three is!)


posted by: Kolya Miller on 08.22.04 at 11:06 AM [permalink]

Congratulations, we expect to see him as a guest blogger soon!

posted by: Spirit Fingers on 08.22.04 at 11:38 AM [permalink]

Oh wow! Congratulations. Here's to the beautiful BL and all the sleepless nights to come.

posted by: Dawn on 08.22.04 at 01:23 PM [permalink]

Congratulations Simon!

Now you and I have one thing in common - three kids. Wait till they grow up, you will really have fun.

Glad to hear that that mother and son are doing well. Keep us updated.


posted by: Ron on 08.22.04 at 02:35 PM [permalink]

Well done, old chap. I'll pop by the Adventist later.

posted by: fumier on 08.22.04 at 06:01 PM [permalink]

I am so happy for you and so outrageously envious, Simon!


posted by: Helen on 08.22.04 at 08:33 PM [permalink]

Thanks everybody for the good wishes. I'll let you know once his blog is setup. Give it 15 years or so.

posted by: Simon on 08.22.04 at 09:12 PM [permalink]

Mazeltov to all of you from your cousins in the UK. Already seen the photos of the beautiful Brody via grandad in Oz! sue david and daniel

posted by: sue on 08.22.04 at 10:53 PM [permalink]

Congrats. That's awesome. Can't wait for more pics.


posted by: Adam Morris on 08.22.04 at 11:53 PM [permalink]

way to go Mr. amd Mrs. Simon!

posted by: Prince Roy on 08.23.04 at 02:08 AM [permalink]


posted by: Gianna on 08.23.04 at 09:46 AM [permalink]

belated congrats to you and the missus, Si :) now is one of the initials a scandinavian name?

posted by: the letter b on 08.23.04 at 10:18 AM [permalink]

great news on the man cub simon - a future captain of australia..?

posted by: aaron on 08.23.04 at 10:40 AM [permalink]

Massive news Simon, congrats. Just think, one day old, and he's already having his prints taken...

posted by: Wanbro on 08.23.04 at 11:30 AM [permalink]

congratulations to you all :)

posted by: melanie on 08.23.04 at 02:54 PM [permalink]

wahh...congrats yo!

posted by: savoirefaire on 08.23.04 at 05:55 PM [permalink]

Great choice of paint!

Congrats to all and well done Mrs M

posted by: Mia on 08.23.04 at 06:09 PM [permalink]

Many congrats!!

Are cigars a custom in HK? It would seem it's time to pass some...

posted by: Clancy on 08.23.04 at 09:51 PM [permalink]

Congrats and hugs for the whole family!!! Yay!!!

posted by: Ted on 08.24.04 at 12:10 AM [permalink]

Mazal Tov! May you enjoy many a sleepless night; it will me he's a healthy kid.

Until 120 years of age all in good health of body, mind, heart and soul.

posted by: Rachel Ann on 08.24.04 at 02:04 AM [permalink]

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