August 11, 2004

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I'm as sober as a judge

Hong Kong's newest favourite drunk, Roddy Murray (aka The Singing Barrister) has found sometimes when you have a mid-life crisis, the whole world gets in on the act. The Justice Department has suspended him, the Bar Association is investigating, he's been called bizarre by the presiding judge, and to really make matters worse the SCMP reports he lives in Discovery Bay. Talk about falling apart.

The SCMP has a follow-up story, reporting the "hard-living" barister doesn't care if he's disbarred. From the article:

"Disbar me, I couldn't care less. My father bankrolled me.
Wealth is wasted on the rich. He also maintains he has a "rock-and-roll lifestyle", which is why the SCMP reporter found him with 3 beers and a bottle of champers at 8am by a ferry wharf. I've seen Liam Gallagher in exactly the same position. If by rock-and-roll lifestyle he means indulgent excesses, a penchant for entertaining the public at his own expense and living a stereotype, then mission accomplished.

I'd say send him into exile but he's in Discovery Bay already.

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