August 05, 2004

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Hong Kong, Taiwan and China

  • Via Richard comes an interesting article on how a cousin of Pu Yi, China's Last Emperor, got through the Cultural Revolution and was ironically working in the Summer Palace.
  • Tom reviews China's New Rulers: The Secret Files. He recommends it with the caveat it should not be treated as gospel truth. He also says HK's Government is now just following Beijing's script in responding to questions on interpretation of the Basic Law. What a surprise.
  • ESWN continues his translation of the controversial study of China's peasantry that's been banned on the Mainland. He also says Hong Kong is getting its very own flip-flopper in the shape of Albert Cheng. He's getting plenty of media coverage, which tells you how little there is for media to cover here. And it's not just me.
  • Time has an article on the carnage on Asia's roads. ACB says China's authorities are taking steps to protect car owners against defective models.
  • In an article asking Chinese about American Chinese food Wayne finds some great lines.
  • ESWN reports on a massive police crackdown on peasants on a village in Henan Province. The reason for the riots? After trying to get central attention to the expropriation of their land and embezzlement by their local leader, the response was 600 riot police. Funny how it hasn't been reported in China. Fons has pictures.
  • Conrad fears The Standard is trying to match the SCMP in a race to the bottom. While on media Jeremy links to a review of San Francisco's six Chinese language newspapers. Even Hong Kong doesn't have that many Chinese language papers!
  • Brendan from Bokane is leaving China and has a great farewell post.
  • Following the publication of a letter by Lu Yuegang on the realities of media in China, ESWN has a commentary on it by a fellow Chinese reporter. Jeremy reprints a WaPo article on the Southern Metropolis Daily, which has discovered the limits of independent Chinese media the hard way.
  • Ralph Jennings talks about the case of Zhao Yan, the Chinese citizen bashed by a US border guard, and how it is being used as a pawn in a propaganda campaign. It also points out some stark differences in how the case is being handled to how it would be handled in China.

Korea and Japan

  • Kevin says the Korean blogging block may be lifting on typepad and Munu blogs (or is it?). Here's hoping. However it seems the Korean Government's obsession with news control is a bigger problem than I imagined. FY has more info on the troops headed for Iraq.
  • FY has pictures and an article (from Aljazeera!) on hypocritical Korean "peace" protesters.
  • Just in case readers in America thought North Korea was nothing to worry about, maybe you should think again. And IA says there's an interesting middleman involved. The same middleman whom he now links to the Bushes as well; as he says, you may as well back both horses in a 2 horse race. Tony talks about the joke that is inter-Korean relations; the same North Korea that makes large amounts of foreign exchange through drugs.
  • Marmot says Korean and Chinese journalists are at war.
  • Andrea, posting at LiC, wonders if China is actually worried by a possible reunification of Korea?
  • Spirit Fingers reports on a disturbing Japanese beauty contest. While on Japan Antti finds a Japanese imperial family impostor at work in Korea.

SE Asia

  • The Sassy Lawyer says while some Singaporean students are using tablet PCs, others in the Philippines need to share textbooks. Bring back the quill and ink.
  • CC asks where are the Philippine press in reporting on the revelations of Gracia Burnham. Wretchard talks about the whole mess in the Southern Philippines and wonders how much (if at all) the US should help. Also CC wonders about the Philippine response to the new sectarian violence in Iraq against Christians; he wonders about Malaysian PM Abdullah as well.
  • Jodi, who's got one darn interesting and always readable blog, says it ain't easy being a husband in Thailand.


  • The other Big Mac index continues: numbers are in for Taiwan. Word is spreading (for example via Tim and David). Stephen is still looking for more data so help him out and eat a Big Mac.
  • In the history section, Joel looks at some of the last holdouts from WW2.
  • Tom talks about Japan's latest efforts to capture Olympic gold, and they are extreme.
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Simon - I love these roundups. Thanks mate.

posted by: shaky on 08.05.04 at 09:10 PM [permalink]

methinks the tablet PC issue was taken totally out of context. if whomever cares to read the story as a whole, the reason for the hi-tech thinghies was students would be spared from lugging about 30-35 kg worth of schoolbags *daily*.which has been a problem for almost 2 decades now.

it's really easy for people to start comparing with the have's and havenot's - or in this instance, country vs country - and that is what gets my goat.

posted by: the letter b on 08.06.04 at 10:42 AM [permalink]

Hey. It's not surprising that the local government is following Beijing's script. It's surprising that the script contains only one paragraph, like a help desk with only one response and no path for escalation. "Have you tried to reboot your SAR?"

And I think I can name 6 HK Chinese newspapers and suspect that there are at least a few more lurking about.

posted by: Tom -Daai Tou Laam on 08.06.04 at 03:15 PM [permalink]

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