July 30, 2004

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This round-up of links from around the blogosphere promises to be completely Democratic Convention free*:


Via Paul comes some handy first time blogging hints from a first time blogger.

Andrew Sullivan is having another pledge drive to raise money to continue his professional blogging, pleading excessive bandwidth and other costs. Before you donate you should read what Michelle Malkin, Wunderkiner, Ace, Richard Hawkins, Gold Blogger and Poliblogger have to say on the blogosphere's first big money scam. Laurence suggests far more worthy alternatives such as Spoons or Iowahawk. American Digest says it's good business changing political sides and asking for pledges. Sullivan's change to backing Kerry has provoked a lot of reactions, many of which are summarised at the well-named Resplendent Mango. Jay brings some common sense to the hysteria of Sullivan's changing sides as does Pieter. Dean neatly summarises my thoughts too.

Jim celebrated his first blogiversary and Silent Running had its 500,000th visitor (damn time zones conspired against me).

Rusty comments on the nastiness of blogophobia.

Doug has an upcoming interview with Robert Kaiser of the Washington Post and is looking for help with questions.

OK, this is where I break my promise, but you knew I would. NZ Bear had some great advice for bloggers at the DNC, which unfortunately not many seemed to heed. Joe at TMV has a good post on what was learnt from the convention blogging.


BREAKING NEWS: Kerry was in 'Nam...who knew?

Ilyka follows up with more on her thoughts on centrism and moderation.

Beautiful Atrocities has a helpful guide to bumper stickers.

Dean has a good essay on politics and has a pledge for conservatives to take in the lead-up to the election. It emphasises the idea of a loyal opposition, or in English, agreeing to disgaree but respecting the other side.

Rusty looks at the truth behind the allegations of America's 'worst recovery ever'. The basic premise is statistics can be tortured to say anything you like. Just like the time my grandfather, at his 103rd birthday party, was asked if he planned to be around for his 104th."I certainly do," he replied. "Statistics show that very few people die between the ages of 103 and 104."**

I didn't realise but Ace says David Hasselhoff actually brought down the Berlin Wall.

Random Penseur on AIDS in South Africa and some of its consequences.

Iowahawk tell us why he's (not) a Democrat.


Via Emma comes 12 things we no longer need.

Wanbro talks about single name rock stars.

Akamonique (also at the Showcase) is actually Mrs David Sedaris .

Via Harvey and American Digest comes one registration page worth filling out: bugmenot's.

Helen shows us why she's so hot: she's funny and beautiful! Y's a lucky guy.

Finally the most important question of the week: who will be the gay Simpsons character? The appropriately named A Perfectly Cromulent Blog has the form guide. Personally I like Comic Book guy as the best contender. To help here's a list of all the appropriate references from the series.

* This is a political promise and means very little.

** Thanks Da. Some read your jokes but I bet none incorporate them into blog posts.

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By the way, look at the date on MY Hasselhoff post. That's the 27th in 'merica.

Little credit here please.

posted by: Tony.T on 07.30.04 at 07:42 PM [permalink]

Thanks for the link, Simon. You're really too kind!

posted by: RP on 07.30.04 at 10:30 PM [permalink]

Statistics show that 1 out of 3 alien residents of Hong Kong ought to name their kid Rusty Shackleford!

posted by: Rusty Shackleford on 07.30.04 at 11:39 PM [permalink]

I find your choice of Comic Book Guy laughable and I mock your value system.

Seriously, thanks for the link.

posted by: Pete on 07.31.04 at 12:36 AM [permalink]

Thanks for the link; these days it's common sense that I tend to sell.

posted by: OF Jay on 07.31.04 at 02:39 AM [permalink]

Simon, thanks, you're a darling -- and both sites have been added at the top of my blogroll. Wait, so far they're the only sites on my blogroll. Still, that's top billing!


Mrs. Sedaris

posted by: Monique on 07.31.04 at 04:33 AM [permalink]

Flattered, as always, to be included :-)

posted by: Harvey on 07.31.04 at 08:03 AM [permalink]

Another helpful hint for first-time bloggers:

Don't use your real name and address when you register your domain name.

posted by: fumier on 08.07.04 at 01:36 PM [permalink]

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