July 26, 2004

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Let's plunge straight into today's Asia linkfest:

Hong Kong, Taiwan and China

  • More on the Taiwan-China potential for conflict. Firstly Richard points to a story of some Taiwanese people perpetually in the wrong place at the wrong time. Joseph Bosco follows up on Phil Sen's analysis of the military situation. Richard has another link to an op-ed in the Taipei Times that says George W. Bush's policy on Taiwan is contradictory. Wayne wonders what the point is of Taiwan's recent military exercises. Adam thinks there's a far more interesting battle going on that is much more important. Finally Phil Sen finds an aircraft carrier.
  • Richard also says Beijing is not as expensive as cities such as Tokyo for expats.
  • Several have commented on a Chinese journalist standing up to his editors and the cr@p they publish. Richard links to a FT story on the matter, ESWN has a translation of the original letter that is worth a read and CDN has more too.
  • HK Reporter tells the story of a Chinese woman in the very wrong place at the very wrong time. The Ruck also follows the story. Note to self: avoid Niagara Falls for a while.
  • ESWN says Britain is hypocritical in criticising China on democracy in Hong Kong. He has a point, up to a point. Yes the UK did not bring democracy to HK until towards the end of their colonial reign. However they did attempt to introduce it, albeit when the handover to China was in sight and when it was too late. Historically Britain did many things wrong; the more important point is to look at the UK today for a more relevant look at their attempts to bring democracy to various places across the globe - not just Iraq. You can't live in the past forever.
  • Asia Times has an article looking again at the differences between urban and rural populations, this time in relation to development along the Yangtze River.
  • Mad Minerva says Taiwan's Presidential election is finally over.
  • DTL notes another numbers game with crowds, although this time on a smaller scale. Tom also has a historical footnote from 1963 China that again repeats the mantra that China's countryside needs containment ("stability" in the jargon) before reform. ESWN continues with the state of China's peasants with another article stating a local government's attempt to pull one over some workers despite orders from the Central Government.
  • ESWN notes that what Hong Kong's English newspapers write can be very different to what local rags have, and he has a recent example to prove it. And he says Hong Kong's upcoming election is bringing out the worst in petty reporting.
  • Chris isn't optimistic about Asia's budget airlines, even if it is an underhanded business.
  • Are China's cities becoming cheaper or more expensive. Fons says AFP cannot make up its mind.

Korea and Japan

  • The ongoing Korean blogging block is still, well, ongoing. Kevin points to a summary of everything here. Andi has a piece on the issue, comparing with another form of suppression and The Korea Herald has an article on the situation. IA, who is already pessimistic about Koreans and their attitudes, talks about his approach to the censorship row and why he doesn't care. Blinger is constantly updating on the issue.
  • Kimchee GI says US troops are finally moving out of Seoul.
  • Jodi thinks John Bolton was out of line with his comments on North Korea and has some more thoughts on taking the situation forward. She also looks at Japan's disturbingly high suicide rates.
  • Marmot points to an article saying markets could be a better form of attack on North Korea than any military effort. Events in the past two decades say that's probably right. He also notes that some in Korea cannot understand what parody means and the North Korea Human Rights Act is making progress in the US.
  • Conrad takes offence at those who say North Korea produces nothing of value, via Beautiful Atrocities which has more examples.
  • ACB notes some hypocrisy in China's coverage of Japan's efforts to renew whaling.

SE Asia

  • Cranial Cavity sees some Malaysian hypocrisy (something of a theme today) in their denials of being involved in any Philippine ransom payment for the Iraqi hostage. CC also notes the Philippine Government's internet efforts aren't going so well.
  • The Swanker talks about the Indonesian court ruling overturning its anti-terror laws and its impact on the Bali bombers.
  • Good news: the follow-up to the request for information on a Filipino working in Iraq is posted at ALN. Score one for the blogosphere.


  • Richard points out the soccer started in China.
  • Antti says lotteries can destroy families.
  • It is worth again mentioning ALN's attempt to construct an alternative Big Mac Index; there's more background here. Do something good and go have a Big Mac.
  • "Honey, I've got to go to a conference in Shanghai next month."
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Fascinating collection of links. Thanks for going to the trouble of putting this all together.

posted by: RP on 07.27.04 at 12:17 AM [permalink]

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