July 06, 2004

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Showcase Showcase

I've got two particular favourites from the past weeks' Showcase entries. Firstly comes The Stages of Moving by Red Said. It's an enjoyable rant comparing the stages of moving to those of grieving. They are disturbingly similar. It's well worth a read.

The second was The Tao of the Cube by Idle Process. "For many, the office enviroment is a place of godless toil, of torment by paperwork and uncaring pointy-haired bosses. However, some have learned to cope and even thrive in spite of the existenial tumult created by these modern cubical palaces." Again enjoyable and something to bring the smile to the face of many a cubicle-dweller.

Go visit them both.

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Thank you AGAIN for all this shameless pimping! I'm so glad that you seem to be so easily amused, har har har.

No seriously... I take it as a huge compliment coming from you!

posted by: redsaid on 07.06.04 at 04:33 PM [permalink]

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