July 02, 2004

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More aftermath

Some other blogs have also been covering yesterday's march in Hong Kong.

EastSouthWestNorth has a great post with pictures, a crowd estimate (around 450,000 is his guess) and plenty of links to various articles. He also links to an article about Hong Kong "independence". There was virtually no-one marching for HK independence yesterday; almost everyone accepts HK is part of sovereign China. People were marching for plenty of other reasons instead - there's no point throwing in non-issues.

Daai Tou Laam has some personal photos taken from the march itself.

Madame Shutterfly also has some personal photos from the march.

Chris also talks about the numbers game and his memories from last year.

I got up has more photos.

The esteemed Hemlock was there and gives his first-hand account.

Conrad sums up the reaction from Xinhua and Tung Che-Hwa.

Asia Times has an interesting commentary. I disagree with the conclusion that "Hong Kong people can only protect themselves by defining what kind of China they want and by going into China to educate the new middle class about the benefits of the Hong Kong way" in HK people cannot define China. No one can. HK's people can only hope that slowly word leaks out to China's growing middle class of HK's way and that it slowly chips away at the CCP.

UPDATE: Some more over at DTL on the numbers game. Also there's additional commentary from Wrong Place Right Time from the march yesterday, more impressions here and more post-march commentary here.

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Thank you for the links. I've liked how your blog has grown and matured, if one can say that about a blog. Nicely done.

posted by: hk on 07.03.04 at 12:34 AM [permalink]

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