June 29, 2004

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Cheney joins the protest against Korean censorship

Richard doesn't realise it yet but he's got a great photo of Dick Cheney supporting Kevin's new FUCK movement. Please join in the FUCKing fun. If it's good enough for Dick Cheney, it's good enough for you.*

cheney f you.gif

* If I had any Photoshop skills I'd be using them right now.

UPDATE: It occurred to me that a great way to help our Korean friends is to provide a link for where the Kim beheading video can be found to get around the ban. Try the links at the bottom of this Wizbang post. Please note I am NOT condoning watching this video. But I do believe that those who wish to watch it should have the choice, rather than have their minds made up for them by the Government.

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The beheading video is a smokescreen, the south Korean government has been itching for an oportunity to censor blogs for ages, they proposed harsh media law a few years ago but had to remove them from consideration after public protest, but they have sneeked them onto the statute book while people were distracted with other things in the country.

Remember the first Amendment doesn't apply to overseas pupet governments, Korea, Japan, Iraq and Afganistan are NOT protected by the US constitution.

posted by: Angry Chinese Blogger on 06.30.04 at 12:23 PM [permalink]

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