June 24, 2004

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I am not going to go over the terrible South Korean tragedy of the past week, as that was covered previously already. Instead let's try and focus on the other news around Asia.

DTL asks an interesting question about representation in Hong Kong while Hemlock is making preparations for the upcoming HK elections. While on HK Chris wonders about the tap water and Conrad's found some effective protesters to join in July 1.

The Sassy Lawyer responds to the Philippine election results. I can't say I agree with her on this one, but given I don't live there it's not for me to argue.

Asia Times continues a series on China and nuclear proliferation and says China is not as bad as is often alleged.

ACB talks about China's latest agricultural effort: cloud seeding.

I cannot say this often enough: if you're not reading ALN, you're missing out.

Adam points (with good commentary) to this article on dealing and interacting with Chinese media and China in general. China Letter finds an official Chinese newspaper that is taking a stand against internet censorship policy, albeit by arguing there are better ways to do it. Glutter notes the award of Internet Freedom Prize to cyber-dissident Haung Qi.

Danwei finds a must-see tourist site in Guandong.

ESWN follows a report on several murders of Chinese university students outside of China.

FY, despite the bleak times, finds Korean scientists making strides for humanity. IA sees Korean cultural imperialism in the offing. Oranckay pulls the NYT up on a misleading photo caption.

Single Planet listens on in a panda conversation.

Richard links to a piece criticising America's student visa problems and another piece on the Vatican speaking against the arrest of an 84 year old Chinese Bishop.

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