June 17, 2004

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Asia by blog

The twice weekly round-up of what's making blogging headlines in Asia, in the extended entry. Well worth a read, there's some real gems in there.

Both Harry and Hemlock "celebrate" the start of Asia's most important sporting event: Euro 2004.

DTL talks about Hong Kong's newest attraction while Chris pines for the old days. Adam sees the modern application of technology and influence in HK's upcoming elections.

ALN proves that fat doesn't pay.

Mr. Tall takes us through that Asia-wide summertime problem: the sweat scale.

Conrad demonstrates that Japan is, well, one hell of a place, as Alex can attest.

Bre adds to the comprehensive list of reasons to avoid Singapore.

ACB on how to go about destroying yourselves in 3 easy steps. He also summarises the disturbing case of Dr. Jiang Yanyong, famous for blowing the whistle on SARS and now vanished because he challenged the CCP on Tiananmen.

The Sassy Lawyer proposes a Philippines blog along the lines of the Living In series. Michael...

Cranial Cavity reports that Hong Kong's Yuen Long crocodile wasn't caught, he just moved.

Danwei says the Rupert Murdoch is on the march into the Motherland. Durian thinks China might be gearing up for a move on Taiwan. Richard has a report from Pravda on the Chinese/Taiwan tensions - nice to see the Russians adding their 2 cents worth.

Danwei and Marmot both note the expanding career of Harisu, a Korean transexual.

FY reports on South Korean capitalism in the unlikeliest places. IA talks about the North Korea nuclear talks and updates the state of play.

Steve goes to Macau, as does Paul (here too).

Shanghai Eye follows a reporter joining a prostitution raid in China; there's also the disturbing estimate that 5 million people are involved in the prostituion industry in China.

Joseph finds that China's reach can't quite extend as far as Blogger thinks it can.

Marmot picks apart some cr@p on Western men and (in this case) Korean women. He also junks the idea of moving Korea's capital from Seoul to points further south; he finds an interesting and dare I say unique way to bring North Korea and the USA together while helping Iraq; and he goes through Time and Asia Times articles on North Korea and Kim Jong Il.

Sinosplice is on the move. Still blocked at my workplace, though. They really must be a dangerous bunch of subversives. Thankfully Kinja at least lets me see the first 25 words...

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