June 15, 2004

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The hypertext hyperlink hyperdrive is set for another run around posts of interest in Asia. Important note: the last word of this post is breasts.

Conrad shows us that maids get screwed by everyone, even their own country (he also talks about match-making). Chris talks about maids and the right of abode in Hong Kong. DTL reports on a US Senator's view on Hong Kong and on Hong Kong's Ma Lik and his approach to conciliation. EastSouthWestNorth discusses HK's radio advertising after the recent resignations of hosts but says it is not purely due to fear that advertising is declining. It is also because HK radio sucks almost as much as its television (that's my view, not ESWN). Phil agrees that Cable TV need to do some work.

ACB looks at blocked blogging and Internet crackdown in China. Adam also talks about China's newest blocking of sites and extends the point in reply to a post on "many-to-many censorship". Andrea and Stephen have more. Richard sees through China's attempt to explain the "dob-in-a-site" program as an anti-pornography ploy. Danwei notes that China is now blocking Wikipedia although Joseph says Blogger is working again. ACB also talks about China as an emerging economic superpower. ALN reports on a riot in China for more overtime by workers and raises some good points.

Adam and Richard both talk about rifts opening up at the top the CCP. Politics exists even if elections don't, especially in such a large political entity as the CCP.

The Sassy Lawyer tells us that gambling is starting young (and I thought this was only a Chinese thing). She also talks about a bizarre proposed tax on SMSs. It could solve Hong Kong's deficit in one go!

Flying Yangban does North Korea's homework for them. IA says North Korea has a sore throat and a dancing problem. Jeff has a Korean blog round-up.

Fumier goes on holidays to a popular island. IA returns and takes us through the numbers and the differences between Korea and Singapore.

The ever-expanding and always useful Living in team have come up with Living in Asia, a one-stop portal for Asian blogs. They've just established Living in Korea with help from Marmot.

Finally Mrs B has the last word on Hong Kong's unhealthy obsession with fat to go with Danwei's observation on China's obsession with breasts.

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Damn....still no love after all those breasts I exposed for you.

posted by: Da Goddess on 06.16.04 at 02:12 PM [permalink]

(I should be considered for Asia by Blog just because I'm...well....me!)

posted by: Da Goddess on 06.16.04 at 02:12 PM [permalink]

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