June 10, 2004

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A slightly shorter version today...but you must at least read the first link - it's the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. As Homer says, it's funny coz it's true.

Firstly the names some people take require more thinking (via Richard).

Shaky does it again. Life in HK isn't easy. UPDATE: Shaky tries to explain himself.

Sinobling has some lesson on what not to do in China. T-Salon links to an interesting article asking if the internet could lead to the CCP's downfall.* Richard points out that talk of Taiwan/China attacks in 2006-8 face a problem: Beijing's Olympics in 2008.

DTL clearly states another good reason for democracy in HK and tells DAB chairman and Beijing support Ma Lik to get his own house in order. The always good ALN reports that protest in China is not as rare as you think.

The Sassy Lawyer has a Philippines blog round-up.

Alex makes a change. Asialand Diaries gives the rundown of places to eat in HK (June 9th entry). You should note that the Ningpo Residents Association actually has a rather large neon sign in LKF. Fumier has a recommendation too and Danwei brings us a food update from Beijing.

Angry Chinese Blogger talks about China's response to US troop reductions in South Korea as well as China's efforts to catch up with America in the culture stakes. Marmot has plenty more on the US troop withdrawal from Korea plus an interesting (albeit long) post on anti-Americanism in South Korea.

Admist all the grieving for Ronald Reagan, Adam looks at his record in Asia.

Rebecca MacKinnon of NKzone fame is heading to Shanghai.

* My work is still blocking Sinosplice blogs which means I only get to view them at home. Given I surf from home once a week at best...

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Why not just "Joe"?
Excerpt: I'll take "Unfortunate Names" for one thousand, Alex. Who is the only person worse off than this guy? Thanks to Simon for pointing at the first poor soul....
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Hi Simon,

Next time you create one of these I think you might find Living in Asia useful. It's live and operating now at http://www.livinginasia.com :)

posted by: Michael Darragh on 06.14.04 at 06:09 PM [permalink]

njfp afebargqibo.

posted by: Ebulus on 07.28.04 at 04:31 AM [permalink]

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