June 09, 2004

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What next?

Alarm didn't go off this morning. Scrambled to make the bus only to find it was running late. My bad mood was already set. It was made worse by an unavoidable conversation on said bus when all I wanted to do was listen to my MP3 and read my magazine. Got into work and found blog posting was impossible due to system problems. Then lunchtime comes around and the guys decide to order pizza but due to a few weeks of over-indulging I'm dieting and strongly resist the lure of pepperoni by going for sushi. I am served by the loudest person in all of IFC, who proceeds to tell me the regular sushi dish I order isn't on today. Nothing is as it was anymore.

On the upside no-one has mentioned friggin' Venus this morning.

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Have they mentioned Uranus?

Hee hee hee. I said 'Uranus'.

posted by: Jim on 06.09.04 at 06:48 PM [permalink]

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