May 21, 2004

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Link-festival of the stars. That time where I put all the posts I found interesting this week into one giant ping-a-thon.

Firstly the blogosphere was made immeasurably richer this week with the launch of Memeblog. A central blog for all memes and carnivals, it's your one-stop-shop when looking for blogging material or interesting link-fests.

In rather less important news there was a fuss over a blog by a staffer in a US Senator's office who reported her pocket-money raising activities and just too many details about herself. Washingtonienne. I first saw it over at Wetwired. Wonkette got onto it and Kevin pointed out how easy it would be to find this "anonymous" blogger. Swamp City finished the job. Which goes to show you need to engage your brain before you start blogging...otherwise real life will catch up with you. Helpfully the Commissar has ruled on true blog identities and asks the key question: When will bloggers start pretending to be out-of-shape, middle-aged men employed by banks? Heh. Indeed.

Kate has an interesting post on "schizoblogophrenia": the difference between what people want from blogs and what they link to. It is something I have been guilty of in the past and is one of the reasons Enemablog exists - to "reward" posts I find with links. For example her take on reality TV will no doubt be soon appearing on cable AND she manages to make a mockery of Singapore in the bargain! What a double. Country Store sees reality TV making a march on the White House.

Fellow Memeblogger Jim had a big week with a post answering the questions about the Nick Berg case. As seems all too common in the blogging world it disintegrated but it is a very comprehensive look at the questions. Ace has a look at the discovery of sarin in Iraq.

Citizen Smash introduces Japanese Haiku poetry as a new form of reporting. It's a big improvement on the current drivel.

The Sassy Lawyer discovers there's more than one way to spell Viagra. There's actually 600,426,974,379,824,381,952 ways.

The Olympics were in the news this week, mostly due to the US flag-waving controversy, but Cranial Cavity has the scoop on the athletes.

There's plenty of focus on the Middle East but Alexandre points out that in the meantime there's a little known genocide going on in Sudan.

Richard has an interesting interview with Columbine murderer Dylan Klebold's parents. It raises some difficult issues with no right answer.

The always interesting Wretchard analyses has a good piece on News as a weapon (May 17th) and a follow-up that tracks a changing news story and muses on the reliability of information. Dr. Rusty has posed the case for censorship in a time of war and responds to some of his critics. The blogosphere is full of things that make you think, damnit. Of course you have to want to think but that's a whole different issue. Lastly on Iraq, via Dean (who also found more support for the Atkins diet), there is an Australian summarising all the good news from Iraq.

Wind Rider at SR has a chart of the effectiveness of Israel's security wall - it is working. Something for Yasser to comment on at his new website, courtesy of Iowahawk. Tom Paine at SR looks at the blogosphere pre- and post-September 11th, 2001.

Chris has found the secret to a long marriage. Mrs M would agree I did a great job of setting very low expectations.

Professor Bunyip tackles the ludicrous beach smoking ban in Manly (and soon my home beach too). While on Australiana, Tim reaches for the bucket over our latest royal.

Six Apart, makers of Movable Type blogging software, finally get around to actually asking their users some questions. Illustrious Munu God Pixy answers. I hope they listen - no-one objects to paying something towards MT but the current plan from Six Apart needs serious reworking.

Helen talks about immigration.

Drama Queen is suffering from that dreaded curse: blogger block. Also known as beal, but now's there's a cure.

Shaky has a story on one hell of a wrong number, as well as pointing to the latest in powerbook computers.

And finally Harry suffers from a case of mistaken identity.

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Hallo friends! Really nice place here. I found a lot of interesting stuff all around. Just what I was looking for. Great joy!

posted by: Sina Meline on 09.06.04 at 05:18 PM [permalink]

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