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May 28, 2004

You are on the invidual archive page of Enemablog. Click Simon World weblog for the main page.

There will be no Enemablog this week or next, mostly because I'm on a clandestine mission for a foreign Government that I'm not permitted to discuss. Instead why not sample some of the very fine blogs on the assorted blog rolls on the right hand side. All are tried and testing by your truly.

posted by Simon on 05.28.04 at 07:20 AM in the


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an important mission eh... hmm... he's a DOUBLE AGENT!!!

posted by: pylorns on 05.28.04 at 11:18 PM [permalink]

or the international man of mystery :D

posted by: the letter b on 05.29.04 at 05:03 PM [permalink]

Would it be possible to blog roll me or add a link to my site please? I can link to your blog in return. It would generate more hits for both of us. My url is http://www.chiraag.tk

posted by: Chiraag on 05.29.04 at 05:38 PM [permalink]

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