April 08, 2004

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This week marked the centenary of the entente cordiale (this from a magazine that stole my headline), a celebration of one hundred years of a joint British-French effort to make concerntrated fruit juice that can send kids' sugar levels to astronomical heights in seconds. Congrats to both countries. As I understand it the other two main joint achievements the UK and the French have accomplished in the past 100 years have been the Channel Tunnel and the Concorde. One's bust and the other is no longer flying.

Good track record that.

posted by Simon on 04.08.04 at 02:59 PM in the


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Well, to manage to spend one full century without a war between us is no small feat... The last time it happened must have been before England and France existed.

posted by: Alexandre on 04.08.04 at 04:30 PM [permalink]

I suppose so, although the USA got away without invading Canada for the last 300 years without any understandings, so it's all relative.

posted by: Simon on 04.08.04 at 05:15 PM [permalink]

yeah and the canucks were the only ones who got round to burn the white house down.

posted by: breanagh on 04.09.04 at 06:31 PM [permalink]

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