April 06, 2004

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Being there

The IT help desk at my workplace are amazing. They have identified key times when people might need them and made a policy of not being available at those times. So where most people start here at 8am, the help desk only opens at 9am. By then there is an hour's worth of lost passwords, systems crashes and viruses to get sorted. Then there is the two hour lunchtime that the help desk takes as a matter of course despite the rest of the firm coping without it. And while most workdays tend to drag on past 6pm, the help desk closes at 5pm sharp, except days they close at 4:30pm. Not to mention the standard answers to all IT problems they give you:
1. Try what you've already done.
2. Reboot after you've already rebooted.
3. Turn, shrug and walk away to answer the next query.

Yes I'm jealous. To be so bad at your job for the few minutes a day you actually work and getting paid at the same time is no mean feat.

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You have published our secret. Comment no further, and your files will be spared. Continue to speak ill of the the IT (No)Help Desk, and your data is history. You have been warned.

Also, take a look at my post from yesterday, to se what *we* have to put up with.

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