February 25, 2004

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Artificial flavouring

Besides one Frenchman I know, does anyone really like Diet Coke with Lemon?

posted by Simon on 02.25.04 at 12:36 PM in the


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More artificial flavouring
Excerpt: To all those restaurateurs out there: if I want a God damn lemon in my otherwise flavourless, colourless and odourless water, I'll ask for it. Otherwise just give me plain bloody water, please....
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Much more than diet Coke without lemon.

posted by: fumier on 02.25.04 at 01:09 PM [permalink]

That's even more of a worry.

posted by: Simon on 02.25.04 at 02:21 PM [permalink]

have you ever had diet vanilla coke before?
there is a rumour... if you mix diet vanilla coke with diet lemon coke, it actually turns back into normal diet coke.

posted by: cl on 02.25.04 at 03:10 PM [permalink]

I hate Diet Coke with lemon-that's the only way they serve it in Sweden, too. And in a very un-American twist, I don't like sodas with ice in them. Give me the lukewarm version if you must, just don't give me ice.

And Vanilla Coke? I'm pretty sure it's Coca-Cola's old supply of "New Coke". Just with perfume sprayed in it to hide the taste.

posted by: Helen on 02.25.04 at 03:36 PM [permalink]

Sure, with a splash of rum! But then again, anything tastes better with rum.

posted by: Alex on 02.25.04 at 04:55 PM [permalink]

ugh ... and thats all I have to say about that

posted by: Robert on 02.25.04 at 05:18 PM [permalink]

God..am I the only one here? I can't get enough of them? Two cans a day is a must. Is it worrisome?

posted by: ukjoe on 02.27.04 at 12:59 PM [permalink]

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